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25 May 2010

Right Posture While Typing On Computer:

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Right Posture While Typing On Computer:

There is always a better way to do any thing in our day-to-day routine life. Working on computer is also a job that needs to be taken seriously, if we work for prolonged periods.

Following are a few suggestions for adapting a right posture while typing on your computer:

1. Do not lean back or stretch-out your legs while typing, because by doing so, your respiration will be adversely affected.
2. Sit upright, resting your back with a vertically fixed backrest with proper lumber support for protecting your spine against strain.
3. You may also rest both of your feet right beneath your body on the base of your chair for keeping your body upright with ease.
4. Keep you key board as near as possible to the height of your elbow.
5. Operate the keys at left-half of your keyboard with your left hand and use your right hand for the right side of your keyboard.
6. Use at least three fingers each of both of your hands and thumbs for the space bar.

-Harish Jharia

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