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15 May 2010

Reading may reduce your mental worries and stresses:

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Reading may reduce your mental worries and stresses:

We search for a meditation expert or a yoga instructor for finding out an exercise that might reduce our mental stresses and reinstate peace of mind that we had in our early age. 

All the yoga postures and meditations have the same basic formulae for reducing or eliminating mental stresses. They concentrate our mind at peace or distract our thinking process away from our mental biases like ego, prejudices and temperamental disturbances.

Reading is an effective stress buster. Read books, magazines or even news papers. You will find that as long as you keep reading your stresses are considerably reduced. 

Remember your student life or early young age when you read books at night and unknowingly used to slip into deep sleep while reading. Remember the age old way of reading religious book for seeking peace of mind. 

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