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05 December 2010

Review TV: Bigg Boss Season- 4… Manoj Tiwari’s attitude ensured a top-4 slot for Sweta Tiwari:

Review TV: Bigg Boss Season- 4… Manoj Tiwari’s attitude ensured a top-4 slot for  Sweta Tiwari: 

Manoj Tiwari’s unceremonious and unexpected exit surprised everyone in the Bigg Boss house as well as the millions viewers world over. I always considered Manoj Tiwari as the most eligible candidate for the top-4 segment of one of the most popular TV reality shows, ‘Bigg Boss’ running on Indian TV channels. This is because the star status of the singer actor Manoj in the regional film world of Bhojpuri cinema

At the time of departure of Manoj Tiwari everyone including Sweta Twari had doubts about the announcement of his eviction. Youngster Ashmit Patel even suspected his own eviction and expressed his disbelief about Manoj’s ouster.  

Manoj and Sweta in tense moments on previous day of Manoj's eviction 

The climax of the eviction day was opening of the main sliding gate, to the utter surprise for all the inmates. That was the biggest blow for the ego  of the Bhojpuri super star Manoj Tiwari , who in a rage hurled all the insults on his farmer co-star Sweta Tiwari when she rushed to him at the exit. In fact Shweta could not believe that Manoj was really leaving the Bigg Boss house and she rushed to the exit gate calling Manoj back, saying that he could not be evicted and should return back to the house. Nevertheless, she returned back inside the house dejected with the treatment meted out by Manoj. 

Manoj and Sweta in happy moments many days before Manoj's eviction 
Thi painful finale of the eviction day appears to have earned lot of sympathy of the inmates as well as millions of TV viewers across the country for Sweta Tiwari. Her decent reactions and civilized body language, in the most painful adversities, on that day has ensured a conformed slot for her  in the final-four in the Bigg Boss. 
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  1. Definitely both are the deserving candidate for the top 4.