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03 November 2010

TV Review: Big Boss Season- 4 (Great Khali, Sweta Tiwari, Manoj Tiwari)

TV Review: Big Boss Season- 4 (Great Khali, Sweta Tiwari, Manoj Tiwari)
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Big Boss Season- 4 appears to be a bit different package from the earlier seasons that were designed to show the real life styles of celebrities. Celebrities about whom the common viewers always want to know more and more. They want to know their real life rather than their reel lives that is shown on the screen with heavy makeup hiding their real selves. People want to know about the celebrities in the characters played by whom the common cine and TV viewers try to identify themselves. They are least interested in the lives of criminals, miscreants and controversial characters. 

Big Boss house in their fourth season have experimented with presenting a blend of celebrities, criminals and other controversial characters all locked together in a house for a prolonged period. I watched the third season of Big Boss and developed interest in watching the lives of celebrities locked inside a house and cutoff from the entire world, without TV, news paper, watch or a pen / pencil / paper.

I felt quite shocked on spotting the hardcore thief Devinder Singh (Bunty) among the celebrities. He was the luckiest housemate who got the Big Boss contract in spite of his criminal past. The other housemates in the house and we viewers sitting in our bedrooms could not believe our eyes when Bunty was elevated to the highest level of House Captain in the Big Boss House. Big Boss conducted a unique voting system and asked the inmates to nominate any one member and in turn the housemates voted Bunty with maximum number of votes for his eviction. Nevertheless, the housemates were surprised to note that the voting was conducted for electing the House Captain rather than doing it for his eviction.  

Devinder Singh alias Bunty was asked to leave Bigg Boss- 4 following unruly behavior in the house on the first day itself. He used the filthiest abuses and verbal trash, so much so that, his almost complete audio recording was masked with electronic beeps. He continued his mud-slinging even after leaving the main gate of the Big Boss House. 

Big Boss House has now got another ill-tempered arrogant housemate Dolly Bindra who appears to have come with a dedicated aim to quarrel with anyone whomsoever. She first fought with Sweta Tiwari. Her subsequent victims were Manoj Tiwari, Sara Khan, Samir Soni and finally she has initiated a fresh series of verbal bouts by pinching the Maha Bali Great Khali. The media is expecting something like a bout in the WWE and so might be the expectations of the Big Boss team.  

Salman Khan paid a surprise visit to the house and tried to change the atmosphere by conducting variety entertainment programs followed by a lavish dinner to the housemates. Nevertheless, the environment was again spoiled with the jarring shouts, filthy abuses and violent activities of Dolly Bindra who hurled loud indecent abuses indiscriminately on the inmates. Finally the viewers and the housemates got the biggest surprise when Big Boss nominated seven housemates for eviction on the basis of their political discussions regarding nominations rather than doing something to control Dolly Bindra's irritating activities.


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