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05 November 2010

Luxury apartments allotted to bigwigs in Adarsh housing society, Mumbai: A skyscraper constructed in the name of war widows of Kargil…

Luxury apartments allotted to bigwigs in Adarsh housing society, Mumbai: 
A skyscraper constructed in the name of war widows of Kargil…

Adarsh housing society building is a 100m tall residential building that has violated the Coastal Regulatory Zone (CRZ) II limit of a permissible height of 30m max. 

The society, built it on a 6,490 sqm plot in the Coastal Regulatory Zone (CRZ) II, was initially promoted as housing for war veterans and widows but is in the eye of a storm for violating environmental guidelines and allotting the apartments to bigwigs rather than housing the war widows of the soldiers who sacrificed their lives in the Kargil War

The law enforcement authorities are working on taking action against the boulders on the basis of flouting environmental norms and coastal security. The authorities are believed to be preparing for demolishing the excess 38 floors for which approval was not sought by the society. It is believed that the authorities are waiting for the Minister of Environments Mr Jairam Ramesh for taking the final decision for the demolition drive

In my opinion this action plan appears to be crude and unprofessional. The authorities are expected to exercise more professional steps for dealing a historical case of huge corruption and investment of thousands of crores of rupees.  

The authorities handling this scam are not talking about the safety of the occupants due to its height that might not be safe due to its design. The design of the building was approved for only eight floors, whereas, the builders constructed a skyscraper of 38floors. The building is required to be safe against any natural calamities, improper foundation vis-à-vis the soil strength of the ground. The building is also required to be earthquake resistant. 

A skyscraper constructed in the name of war widows of Kargil…

I think the authorities may work on the following actions if considered right and legal by experts:
  1. The building should be confiscated and be taken over by the government or by the judiciary, whatever is permissible in the law. 
  2. All the allotments should be cancelled and the money spent by the customers be returned to them by the society if permissible under the law. 
  3. The upper 38 floors should not be demolished arbitrarily without studying other provisions in the laws of the land and in the books of building technology.
  4. A technical group may be constituted for inspecting the building as to, up to how many floors the building is safe and permissible under various laws.
  5. Only the unsafe floors be demolished and the remaining building may be updated in all respect.
  6. The authorities should inspect the building after the demolition and after redoing the building.
  7. Based on the above they should issue a completion certificate along with NOCs from fire safety and other safety departments.
  8. Finally the flats / apartments should be allotted to the widows of the soldiers who sacrificed their lives in Kargil War. 
  9. If some flats are left, the same may be allotted to other war widows in order of preference based on dedicated conditions laid down by the judiciary or the government
  10. An allotment board should be constituted by the government or the judiciary for approving the above allotments.

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