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18 November 2010

Why India excels in unconventional sports: India plunges down in medals tally at 2010 Asiad at Guangzhou, China

Why India excels in unconventional sports: India plunges down in medals tally at 2010 Asiad at Guangzhou, China

Except in the 2010 Commonwealth Games for which we are really proud, India always won medals rarely; that too in only hockey or in some other odd events like track and field that can be counted on fingers and the names of the winners like Milkha Singh, PT Usha, Karnam Malleshwari and a few more remembered by us. Similarly some boxers and wrestlers won medals in the recent Olympics

We won 101 medals in the commonwealth games; nevertheless, we never expected the horrific plunge India is drowning in medals tally in the ongoing Asian games

There were reports in a section of media that the officials in the Indian Olympic / sports organizations did not have the desired cordial relations with the participating sports persons. The officials have been reportedly failed to provide proper dresses and sports kit to the athletes participating in the Asian games.  The Indian gymnastics coach had even openly boycotted the opening ceremony march by Indian contingent as the ceremonial dress issued to him was not to his size. The coach issued statement to the media that he was told to dress-up in some similar type of dress for the ceremonial march. The coach then appeared in a dress of his choice but the Indian officials refused him permission to join the Indian contingent march. 

The Russia born coach then returned the keys of his room and went to an undisclosed place. It was reported that the gymnastics team appeared in the arena without their mentor. This incident should not be ignored by the government as we the common people of India have not found such happenings on a foreign land in good taste. 

In some of previous occasions it was reported that athletes like Abhinav Bindra had to pay for their airfare from their own pocket to travel to the international sports events. Nevertheless to the sheer distaste to the eyes of Indian taxpayers, the officials and politicians scramble for getting photographed with the winners who achieve their goals out of their own efforts and in spite of the anti-motivating policies and actions of the sports officials.  

Look at the difference between India’s 2 gold medals in comparison to the huge haul of 116 golds by China. We will have to discuss on this comparison because sports events are organized for healthy competitions and not for just participation in them by the athletes accompanied by as many officials on international pleasure trips

Medals Tally at 9:58 AM; on 19 November 2010:

                                        G         S         B          Total
  1. China 116 47 50 213
  2. R.O. Korea 37 32 50 113
  3. Japan 22 48 49 119
  4. India 2* 8 10 20
*Billiard: ADVANI Pankaj; Sunday, 14 November Men's English Billiards Singles; Gold 
*Rowing: TAKHAR Bajrang Lal; Friday, 19 November Men's Single Sculls; Gold  

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