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07 November 2010

US President's Trip to India: Barack Obama’s reply to the question on whether Pakistan be treated as a terrorist state..?

US President's Trip to India: Barack Obama’s reply to the question on whether Pakistan be treated as a terrorist state..?

Obama answered in details with explanations, half a dozen questions from students at St. Xavier's College. A young woman asked him on US support to Pakistan in spite of the fact that terrorists training camps are flourishing in the territory of that country. Obama said, "I must admit... I expected it." 

Since the very arrival of the US president and after his visit to Taj Palace Hotel, this question is being asked in many forums including print and electronic media that why the US president is not condemning Pakistan for the fact that the 26/11 terrorists were Pakistanis trained in Pakistan for the Mumbai carnage.  

In spite of the fact that the US president expected this question to be shot at, he appeared to be not so very prepared to answer it. He took a few moments before answering the same and said that Pakistan is a strategic country in the perspective of peace in the Indian subcontinent. United states are on one hand extending aids for combating terrorism in that country and maintaining peace in this region; at the same time, they have also sought assurance from Pakistan to eradicate terrorist organizations operating from their territory. 

Barack Obama also advised India and Pakistan to open doors for bilateral dialogues between the two countries and settle pending issues amicably. He also indicated the environment of distrust between the two countries and stressed that peace and stability in both the countries would be beneficial equally for India and Pakistan. 

President Barack Obama Interacting With Students at St. Xavier's College, Mumbai

Barack Obama answered the question asked with a tone of complaining against the US policies by us ; nevertheless, while asking this question we forget about the fact that a dozen Pakistani film and TV artists are camping right now in Mumbai and basking in glory while earning fortunes out of Indian reality shows. There are many NGOs who openly organize Indo-Pak friendship extravaganzas that are attended by high dignitaries, artists, writers and celebrities. These programs are sponsored by big business houses and are covered by TV channels and print media with full page advertisements and dedicated shows. 

We Indians sing songs of friendship with Pakistan and expect the US president to condemn our neighboring country for allegedly being a terrorist state. 

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