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24 November 2010

Bihar Assembly Election 2010 Results: Nitish Kumar Sweeps Polls In Alliance With BJP And Returns Back As The Chief Minister of The NDA Government Headed By Him

Bihar Assembly Election 2010 Results: Nitish Kumar Sweeps Polls In Alliance With BJP And Returns Back As The Chief Minister of The NDA Government Headed By Him  

Nitish Kumar’s JDU alongwith Bharatiya Janata Party BJP fought the assembly elections 2010 under the banner of National Democratic Alliance NDA and swept the polls by winning 206 seats out of the total 243. 

It comes out to be 85% seats for NDA in Bihar assembly house. It is unbelievable, unprecedented and historic mandate given by the people of Bihar to any alliance that has been granted to NDA. Lalu Yadav and Ramvilas Paswan alliance could get only 25 seats and the Indian National Congress Party has been marginalized at the pathetic figure of 4 even less than the total of other winners including independents making a miserable figure of 8. 

Score board:
  • Nitish Kumar led NDA-     206
  • Lalu Yadav and Paswan-     25
  • Congress-                                4
  • Others-                                    8
Total seats-                                 243
Bihar was considered as one of the most backward states in India and was known for the cast politics and domination of criminals in the governance. Lawlessness, corruption and miserable condition of civic facilities were the synonyms for the state of Bihar. The results of this election have proved that the incumbent Chief minister Nitish Kumar’s incessant efforts for removing the age-old stigmas from the land of Bihar and making a progressive, safe and inhabitable Bihar have turned into reality and the achievements have been recognized by the people of the states.  

    Nitish Kumar

Personal Information: 

Chief Minister Nitish Kumar, a teetotaler and a non-smoker has a degree in Electrical Engineering from Bihar College of Engineering, now upgraded as NIT Patna. He was born on 1 March 1951 in Bakhtiarpur to Kaviraj Ram Lakhan Singh and Parmeshwari Devi. He was married to Manju Kumari Sinha, a teacher by profession on 22 February 1973 and has a son, also an Engineering graduate from BIT, Mesra.

Outcome of this landslide victory:
  1. The incumbent government headed by the Chief Minister Nitish Kumar in coordination with the Election Commission of India has proved that they are capable to handle the worst social and political environment that was prevalent in post election days in Bihar.
  2. Bharatiya Janata Party BJP   have improved their victory figures and proved that the voters have been disillusioned with the alleged branding of BJP with ‘communal tag’ by Congress, Lalu Yadav and their allies. BJP have earned an unprecedented support of Muslim voters and won seats in Muslim dominated areas also. 
  3. five years back people of Bihar used to “vote their casts” whereas now they have “casted their votes”
  4. Bihar polls arena is considered as the laboratory where elections work as litmus papers to know the tendency of the voters of the entire country for future mandates.  
  5. Cast politics, criminals’ influence & intrusion and political exploitation of minorities have come to an end in Bihar in the past five years of NDA government’s tenure.
  6. State of Bihar has undergone long-awaited progress and development in all spheres of public life, infrastructure and civic utilities & facilities. 
  7. There are neat and clean roads without potholes.
  8. Girls and women feel safe and live fearlessly in Bihar. Some girls have proudly declared that they are living in single rented accommodations away from their parents in Patna and feel no fear for their safety and security.
  9. Girls declared that they can move around in the towns and cities even in the late-night hours whereas it was not possible, 5 years back, for them to venture out even in the early hours of evening around 5pm.   
  10. Migration of workers and intelligentsia has been controlled by the NDA government by creating job avenues for them in the state. This action plan was implemented as a remedy to the hardships faced by north Indians in Mumbai riots against north-Indians and Biharies.  

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