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06 November 2010

Barack Obama paid homage to 26/11 terror attack victims: Mentioning name of Pakistan was not required...

Mentioning the name of Pakistan was not required at the time of paying homage, by US President, to the victims of 26/11 terror attack:

The comment made by Rajiv Pratap Rudy about President Barack Obama not mentioning the name of Pakistan while commenting on 26/11 terror attack, should be disowned by the BJP. I think that the BJP may issue a specific press notification and officially disown the inappropriate, untimely and hasty statement given by the spokes person. 

US President Barack Obama Visits Mumbai and New Delhi...

The fundamental policies of BJP and that of USA are almost the same and such comments might send misleading signals to the world community at a time when India is at the global scanner due to the visit of the president of the oldest democracy in the world. 

The leftist parties are already making negative comments about the US presidents visits and objecting to the agenda of the huge delegation accompanied with Barack Obama. Such comments from a responsible and widely popular party might hamper the interests of the country at the time of this historic international event


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