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05 March 2011

ICC Cricket World Cup 2011: India-Ireland Group- B Match… A cricket viewer’s expectations

The entire cricket world is waiting for the India-Ireland world cup match to be played in Bangaluru today the 6th March 2011. The reason for this extra curiosity about this match is the newly acquired electrifying fielding-n-bowling and the explosive batting exhibited by Ireland in the match they played against England.

Now it is the turn of India eleven to face the same well equipped team. India has a very strong batting lineup. However the fielding and bowling exhibited by Indian team has been subdued, slow and ineffective. That is the reason why India will have to enter the Bangaluru ground with extra preparations and well planned strategy.

Let us list out the action plan that team India might follow with the cricket viewer’s angle of view:
  1. India should enter the ground with the catchword quick reflexes. The fielders should keep moving around and quickly rush to the ball in the line of its trajectory, rather than waiting on their places for the ball to roll down to them.
  2. Team India should stick to its basic principle to exploit their powerful batting order and score as many runs as possible.
  3. India should not reduce their batsmen from their golden seven.
  4. India should have 2 spinners and 2 fast bowlers
  5. India should have Yusuf Pathan and Yuvraj in the team so that their batting and bowling could be useful for the team.
  6. My personal choice goes for Sri Santh whose aggressive bowling and expertise in Yorkers might be quite helpful against the temperament of Ireland team. This is my thinking as a cricket watcher and not an expert.
  7. Indian batsmen should not take risk of getting ‘run out’. For that specific alerts will have to be used by both the batsmen on the crease.
  8. For the first 30 overs team India should keep scoring runs and at the same time should ensure that they should not take risks out of aggressive batting.
  9. India should bat first if they win the toss and should have a goal of 380 runs minimum.
  10. India will have to go for mixed alternate bowling by fast / pacers and spinners. That will keep the batsman guessing the behavior of the incoming balls, rather than settling and going strong with making huge runs.
  11. India should tell their bowlers to bowl as many ‘Dot Balls’ as possible, in addition to bowl deadly balls to dispatch the Irish to the pavilion. 
This article is written based on my personal observations and on the information collected from the media. My intention for publishing the same is to provide healthy reading and intellectual entertainment and not for educating the visitors. No literature or authentic books have been referred for writing the contents of this article. The visitors are advised not to refer the contents of this article for any research or testimony on athletic or legal purposes. The visitors are further advised to consult relevant experts before adapting any information from this article. The author or the website are not responsible for any errors, mistakes, or omissions there in.
- Harish Jharia

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