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05 March 2012

Crazy Ideas: How To Stop Soap / Shampoo From Running Into Eyes While Taking Bath?

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We usually take quick showers by following a stereo type sequence of stages during our bath. Most of us do just like that, because we have a misconception that taking bath is a time consuming process. 

We stand under the showers, drench ourselves, apply soap all over our body, and wash the body with another shower. And we are done. 

Nevertheless, in the hasty bathing we keep our eyes clinched throughout the process of applying soap / shampoo all over the body / head. After applying soap / shampoo , we keep our eyes closed in order to protect them against running soap-water into them. Thereafter, we move around blindfold searching for the shower knob. 

Eyebrows- natural  barriers for water flowing down forehead

Question: How To Stop Soap / shampoo From Running Into Eyes While Taking Bath?

Answer: We need not go blindfold during showers.  Just follow the following steps and keep your eyes open while applying soap / shampoo and reaching out for the shower-knob:
  1. After your first shower and before applying soap on head and body, squeeze out water from your hair with the help of your palms / hands.
  2. Squeeze out water from your eyebrows with the help of index fingers of both of your hands. Your eyebrows are the natural reservoirs for the water / liquid flowing through your forehead. 
  3. By squeezing out water from hair on your head and eyebrows, firstly there would be negligible quantity of water left for flowing into your eyes. 
  4. Secondly, whatever marginal quantity of water flows down the forehead that would be absorbed and contained within your eyebrows.  
  5. Eventually, possibilities of entering soap-water in your eyes would be reduced to the minimal. 
By following the above precautions we may take bath keeping our eyes open throughout the entire process of our bath. 


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