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12 March 2012

Woman is not a sex symbol: How long women are going to be looked at with lustful stare in India?

This is sexual harassment and not a complement. 

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I am using the word ‘sex’ for the first time in my writings. That is... because I strongly believe that this word is indecent and should be discarded from civilized expressions and interactions. 

Nevertheless, I have no other option except writing this word for expressing my strong objections against the stated statement of National Commission for Women (NCW) Chief Mamta Sharma. 

At a function in Jaipur on February 25, the former Rajasthan Mahila Congress chief and the current Chairperson of National Commission for Women (NCW), Mamta Sharma stated at an event organized by a women's organization: 

  1. "Sexy" means "beautiful and charming" so it should not be taken in a negative sense.
  2. "Boys pass comments on girls terming them sexy but sexy means beautiful and charming. We should not see it in a negative sense." 
Is this the right way to appreciate the women of India 

Link to NDTV video: Mamta Sharma supporting the roadside rowdies hurling teasing comments on passerby girls as ‘sexy’… 

In her statement the NCW Chief supported following two activities of arrogant eve-teasers who make embarrassing filthy comments on passerby young girls:
  1.  She has firstly justified verbal eve teasing, the most common social stigma that is more common in small towns. Unemployed young boys and dropouts from schools and colleges use to follow or intercept school going girls and hurl filthy remarks on them. 
  2. Secondly she specifically justified the word ‘sexy’ that is considered one of the filthiest remarks that are made on girls and even against aged women. The NCW should understand that this is sexual harassment and not a complement. 
            Free for all eve-teasers... 

The worst part of this episode is that the supporters of the NCW chief are condemning the people and organizations who have objected to her remarks. It is a common practice in modern India that who-so-ever raises voice against immoral activities, their objections are branded as moral policing, backward thing and conservatives.

I think that these statements made by the NCW Chief should not be justified anymore and should be withdrawn by her publicly. We are a civilized society and any outrage against the Modesty…  Chastity… Honor… Purity… and Sacredness… of our woman folk should be condemned and in no ways tolerated. 

A society can only be considered civilized when women are unequivocally respected by its people.


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