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03 September 2010

Why do mentors stop guiding us?

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Why do mentors stop guiding us?


We all have mentors in our lives. At home, we have our parents and elders, in academics there are teachers and in every field of our life we have some or the other person as mentor from whom we learn.

Mentors are indispensable entities attached to our progressing life without whom it would not have been possible for us to excel. Nevertheless, sometimes it happens that the mentors abruptly stop sharing trade secrets and transferring expertise to us. We cannot blame the mentor for the same as most of them do their job voluntarily or instinctively and mostly free of cost. 

That happens purely because of our own mistakes. Let us jot-down the probable reasons for the same: 

1. Our learning process stops from that very moment we point out the first mistake in our mentor. We would not be able to learn even if the mentor resorts to drill the knowledge in our head.

2. We lose our credibility as learners when we take the mentors for granted and showoff our superiority and act over-smart.

3. The mentor will stop disclosing key-secrets to us when he / she develop suspicion that we make fun of him / her.

4. It would be most distrustful of us if we argue with our mentor by citing examples of the lessons taught by the mentor himself / herself. 

- Harish Jharia

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