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27 September 2010

Commonwealth Games Delhi 2010: All the 71 nations will be present in CWG Delhi:

- Harish Jharia 

The Commonwealth Secretary-General Kamalesh Sharma’s statement has been published on the official website of the Commonwealth Secretariat that teams / athletes / sports persons from all the 71 countries will participate in the Commonwealth Games (CWG).

Whatever might be the shortcomings in the preparations for the CWG; either due to reported corruption, non-coordination or laxity among the various organizations of Indian Government; involved in the CWG preparations… now it appears that the show is going to go on in full swing.

Discover Life appeals to all the Commonwealth Countries to send their sports contingents to Delhi CWG for participating in the game and achieve new heights & records. It would be an added achievement if a Commonwealth sportsperson breaks any world record. 

Sportsman does not care for comforts because sports arena is a field of struggle rather than being a house of luxury. The beautiful land and cheerful people of India are waiting to welcome you.


Here is the Statement by Secretary-General Kamalesh Sharma on the Commonwealth Games reproduced below:

26 September 2010

"Games will honour athletes"… Secretary-General says

In an address to Commonwealth leaders in New York September 26, Commonwealth Secretary-General Kamalesh Sharma said:
"Good grounds have now been demonstrated to have confidence in the Government of India and the Commonwealth Games Federation. They have gripped the challenges, and we wish them well as they enter the final stages of preparations. The Commonwealth is an association of goodwill, and so we wish India and the Games Federation all possible success and our support.

I was delighted to learn yesterday that all 71 nations will be present. So, my own sense of optimism, commitment and enthusiasm for this great Commonwealth event is clearly shared!

For thousands of athletes, the Commonwealth Games are an inspiration and an aspiration. They have set a standard over the years for cooperation and friendship that has earned them the label of the ‘Friendly Games’

They will go ahead. They will honour the athletes who have invested so much energy into their participation. And they will be a celebration of the diversity and opportunity on which the Commonwealth is founded."
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