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25 January 2011

Do we really see and watch dreams while sleeping…?

Dreams are the sensations of the thinking process going on in our mind while asleep...

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This is one of the most asked questions on social websites and in our day to day interactions. Many people have asked me also the same question and my answer to them was a big ‘no’. No... for the simple reason because for seeing anything you need an object to see, you need to keep your eyes open, you need light to illuminate the object to see and you need to be in your full senses to visualize the view. 

In case of dreams, none of the above basic requirements for seeing something are fulfilled. That is you do not have any object, your eyes are closed, there is no light for visibility and you are not in your senses being under a spell of deep sleep. 

In fact we feel the incidents and images happening or appearing in our mind rather than seeing them with our eyes. All this, in fact happens right inside our brain or mind. Our brain or mind keeps functioning even when we are fast asleep. 

Our brain keeps operating our whole body including the functions of the vital organs and keeping our body alive with the help of uninterrupted respiration, heart beats and blood circulation and of course the basic requirement of digesting solid and liquid food for our survival.  

At the same time our mind also keeps thinking even when we are in deep sleep. I think this very thinking in sleep only makes the person feel the sensations of the incidents and images in their mind and give the feeling of dreams. Thinking during sleeps are usually the replays of the happenings, incidents, talks, quarrels, and other emotional fluctuations we go through during our real life we live. We have pleasant dreams and we have nightmares also. These good and bad dreams depend on the good and bad we face in our real life. If we come across a real good and pleasant incident in day we might have a good dream and on the other hand it would be just other way round. 

There are some thoughts, imaginations and daydreams that keep playing in the background of our mind. We might not be aware of the fact that such thought or feelings might have ever struck our mind. Yet, we might dream about these weird and strange things. We may also have some dreams that might be in a stark negative nature, just opposite to our character, thinking and culture. We might even feel ashamed for having had such dreams. Because our mind sometimes react in just opposite manner and might give a negative dream. 

I would like to tell about a dream that I saw last night. I saw in my dreams a lump of flash lying in my courtyard. I felt scared of the object, suspecting it to be something thrown by someone while doing an act of witchcraft. It was a nightmare that made me go for a research in reverse engineering process. I had a discussion with my family members and after a prolonged investigation I found out the probable source of my nightmare.  In fact I watched a TV serial in which something about witchcraft, similar to my dream was shown.

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- Harish Jharia

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