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09 August 2010

Crazy Ideas: Exercise and workout are not luxuries:

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A young woman asked her health expert to tell her the easiest ways to keep trim, fit and healthy. She was caught unawares when the expert advised her to remove her house maid and do the ‘jhadoo – pochha’ (sweeping and wiping the floors of her house) in her place. Nevertheless, the guru smiled and continued that he did not mean that. He was rather trying to convey that the people who are active and do hard work, are by default fit and healthy. They do not even suffer from obesity, diabetes and hypertension

We usually try to copy the film and showbiz celebrities who have their own private gyms and health instructors employed for them. They do workouts and various exercises for shaping their bodies and forming muscles rather than doing it for keeping fit and healthy. 

We as common people should go for workout that needs no appliances and employees like instructors. Exercising is not a luxury. It is rather a struggle where you need to drench in sweat, accelerate your heart beats and go breathless. Just go to the nearest jogger’s park at 6am and run for 30 – 45 minutes and that is all. I am sure that you will keep fit, trim and healthy. 


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