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26 August 2010

Pair of socks is an inner-wear:

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Pair of socks is an inner-wear:

Pair of socks is an inner-wear and not foot-wear or a foot-gear and it should be taken care of like one. Usually people keep the socks inside shoes after putting off their feet and do not place them on racks or hang them for drying-up their moisture. By doing so we deprive the socks of the importance, it should have been given over and above shoes.


Socks are worn for protecting our feet from the hard inner surface of shoes. They also absorb sweat of our feet and keep it dry and comfortable. Socks also collect the dead skin cells frequently discarded by the thick skin of out soles.

We may keep the following in our mind in order to get maximum benefits from socks:

  1. Always wear socks with shoes.
  2. Never insert your socks inside shoes after putting them off.
  3. Hang your socks on a hanger or spread on a rack after taking them off.
  4. Wash your socks after wearing them for a day.
  5. If socks were not washed regularly and frequently, the dead skin cells would stick within the fabric and stink when decomposed.
- Harish Jharia


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