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08 August 2010

How Hard Should Our Morning Walks, Jogs and Workouts Be?

New Delhi, India

- Harish Jharia

For keeping fit we opt for any exercise out of morning walks, jogs and workouts, suiting to our age, our life-styles and profession. While doing so we need to know as to how hard our exercise should be. Some of us run very fast and finish it within 10 – 15 minutes; whereas, there are many others who go for a jog and continue for 20 – 25 minutes. People of 40 plus age go for brisk walks that last for 30 – 35 minutes. I think that the intensity of our workouts should be suitably moderated and should be prolonged for about 30 – 40 minutes. 

I am a workout enthusiast. I started 6 -7 miles morning running in my school days and continued some or the other workouts with the passage of time and age. Today I go for 5km brisk walk in the morning followed by stretching exercises. With this I feel fit, fine and healthy. 

The intensity of our workouts should be suitably moderated in order to prolong for about 30 – 40 minutes.
I have reached to a conclusion that our workouts should be in the following manner:

We should do workouts to the extent that we go almost breathless, we drench in sweat and our heart-beats increase (for a healthy young person). 
We should go for running, walking or other workouts preferably in the morning.
We should wakeup at 5am and finish our morning daily chores before going for workouts.
For waking up at 5am in the morning we need to go to bed by 10pm positively for having 6 hour plus sleep at night.
We should start our workouts at 5:45 – 6:00am. 
Youngsters should go for brisk running for 5km approx.
30 plus youngsters should go for 30 – 45 minutes jogs.
40 plus people should go for 5km brisk morning walks.
60 plus people can also go for brisk morning walks depending on their physique and health. Alternatively they may go for moderate morning walks for a distance that they feel comfortable. 

People of all the ages should go for workouts as all of us are fit for workouts depending on our age, physique and health. Morning workouts keep our body fit, fine and healthy. We breathe plenty of fresh air in the morning that helps rejuvenate our body with Oxygen and makes our body internally strong. 

Morning workouts are more essential for heart patients and diabetics. By doing regular exercises their bodies will become stronger by shedding off harmful fats, controlling sugar levels, reducing bad cholesterol etc. 

Nevertheless, it is better to take expert advice for heart patients to decide the intensity of the workout and for the period for which the exercise could be prolonged. 

There was an army officer who had a passion for evening walks and was unfortunately a heart patient. He used to go for evening walks that usually prolonged for about 45 minutes plus, rendering him breathless and exhausted.  One evening, at the end of his rigorous walk he got a heart attack. 

His mistake was that he used to exert himself beyond his capacity and did rigorous walks against the advice of his doctor. He should have rather opted for morning walks and that too should have been mild and non-exhaustive. We should remember that he was required to go for workouts, yet, in a better, mild and organized way. 

Happy running, jogging and working-out… 

This article / Story / fiction is written based on my personal observations. My intention for publishing the same is to provide healthy reading and intellectual entertainment and not for educating the visitors. Names of people, societies, communities and description of faiths, beliefs, incidents are imaginary and fictitious. They have neither any relevance to the prevailing entities and traditions nor have any similarities with ongoing lifestyles, political ideologies and legal doctrines. The contents of this creative work has not been written with any intention to criticize, condemn or oppose anything what-so-ever present in reality in any country in the world. No literature or authentic books have been referred for writing the contents of this article. The visitors are advised not to refer the contents of this article for any research or testimony on scientific, geographical, political, civic or legal purposes. The visitors are further advised to consult relevant experts before adapting any information from this article. The author or the website are not responsible for any errors, mistakes, or omissions there in.
- Harish Jharia


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