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19 August 2010

Why rainwater stagnates in New Delhi?

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This is the most difficult question as on today when the Commonwealth Games are knocking at our doors and we seem to be caught unawares. 

Nevertheless, the answer to this question is as simple as 2 + 2 = 4. 

The answer is that the drains laid along the roads leading to the main drainage pipes are clogged with trash, mud, pebbles and debris.  The water will not clog and will flow down the drains if the drains are kept clean. For that the municipal corporation and civil administration has to do their normal day-to-day job. They need not do any thing overtime. The officials, staff and workmen need to do average normal office work and field job for that they are drawing monthly salaries for their bread and butter. 

If we stop anywhere on a New Delhi road and peep into the drain running alongside the road, underneath the road divider or right below the foot path; you will find the drains full of stinking trash, filth and debris. This very stinking waste left unattended is solely responsible for the widespread water logging in the Indian Capital. 

The solution to this mammoth problem is also as simple as 2 + 2 = 4.  

The civic authorities are required to feel a little civic responsibility.  The solution is to just remove the trash and debris from the drains and you are done.  That is fine that the municipal corporation is responsible for doing this cleaning job. Yet, the other civic authorities are also responsible to watch that the drains are being kept clean and in working order. Who has stopped the district authorities from stopping their cars at the side of any road and check for themselves whether the drains are really maintained in good condition so much so that thy should be able to carry the rain water under heavy rains in the city.

Even the MLAs, MPs and any minister may also send any of their subordinates to find out whether the drains in their constituencies and jurisdiction are kept in good working condition.

The taxpayer would like the municipal staff and workmen to takeover the cleaning task right away and make the drainage system functional. The district authorities should also watch whether the job is done right away and in a satisfactory manner. Ministries may also tighten up their officers and staff to keep a watchful eye on the effective, efficient and high quality drainage system in the capital of the largest democracy on this planet. 

We should shed away the old superstitious myth that working on drainage system is a low grade work. Cleaning our surroundings is the primary requirement for maintaining the high grade of life rather than living with stinking trash all around us. 


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