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19 November 2011

Crazy Ideas: How to Identify Cosmetics, Without Glasses, While Taking Shower

        Photo clicked on Nokia N8, 12 MPix Mobile

People with glasses usually do not have problems in their day-to-day chores and activities as long as they keep their glasses on. But we have to remove our glasses in our bathrooms while taking bath, especially when we shampoo our hair and apply conditioner. 

Conditioners and shampoos usually have identical tubes and are hard to be identified without spectacles. If you use glasses and are not able to differentiate between shampoo and conditioner, then just write ‘S’ for Shampoo and ‘C’ for Conditioner, on the tube, in  big bold letters with the help of a permanent marker pen.

Have a look at the big bold ‘S’ and ‘C’ in the illustration that can be easily resolved without glasses.


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