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14 November 2011

Senior Citizens: Old Age Bone Disorder ‘Postmenopausal Osteoporosis’

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Postmenopausal Osteoporosis is a bone disorder that develops in women after 50 years of their age when they enter in menopause. This disorder drastically reduces bone-mass in women in their fifties and above, rendering them vulnerable to fractures even with minor injuries.

In addition to the women in their advanced age, this bone disorder (Osteoporosis) may affect others also irrespective to their age and gender. Therefore, the symptoms of this disease, its treatment and precautionary measures would be same.  

Many women and men develop hunchback and hump on their backs in advanced ages due to this ailment. Fractures also occur due to osteoporosis at hip joints, ankle joints, knee joints, elbow joints and wrist joints or at any other joint or portion of bones that is subjected to injuries.  

                           Porous material

The term ‘Osteoporosis’ has emerged out of the word ‘porous’ that describes any material or body that, unlike solids, contains pores and may allow infiltration of liquids or air across itself. By turning porous, human bones also lose their density, strength and elasticity and eventually become weak and brittle. The porous, brittle and thinned bones become susceptible to cracks and breakage even with minor injuries or accidents.  

The process of weakening of bones occurs silently and progressively. In almost all the cases, no symptoms are notices until the first fracture is inflicted. Therefore, the policy of running for a fire-extinguisher after noticing a fire, would not suit for human beings. There are many precautionary medications that can effectively stop deterioration in human bones.  

Women after the age of 45 and above are required to be regularly examined by doctors. They should take nutritious diet rich in proteins, minerals and calcium.  Their bone health requirements should be met with calcium supplements as advised by their doctors. Doctors usually prescribe daily intake of 800 mg of Calcium, vitamin D and Folic acid for women in their advanced age. 

In addition to intake of supplements, women should also do regular exercise or workout and keep their muscles tuned-up that will support the weak bones. 

There are medicines for women identified as Osteoporosis patients for treatment of this disorder. Following is one of the latest medicines that is prescribed for the patients of Osteoporosis by doctors:
  • Name of medicine: Fosavance***, 70mg / 5600IU
  • Salt: Alendronate Sodium Trihydrate 70mg and Colecalciferol 5600IU
  • Manufacturers: Merck Sharp & Dohme, Australia; Merck & Co, Inc., USA  
  • Classification: Schedule H drug, to be administered only on prescription of a Doctor
*** To be administered under supervision of a Doctor
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