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30 November 2011

Editor’s Page: Visitors from Pakistan Welcome to ‘Discover Life’

It was at 4:30am today, in India, when I opened my site Discover life and found 4 visitors from our neighboring country Pakistan. It was quite exciting for me, as a neighboring nation’s citizen, as well as an internet writer, when I found the number of Pakistani visitors exceeding those from my own country India within a short span of four and a half hours.

The details of the visitors from Pakistan are as follows:
  1. A visitor from Gujranwala, Punjab, Pakistan: Viewed "Discover Life: Bigg Boss Season-5 (India): TV review Housemates" 1 hour 4 mins ago
  2. A visitor from Islamabad, Pakistan: Viewed "Discover Life: Bigg Boss Season-5 (India): TV review Housemates" 3 hours 34 mins ago
  3. A visitor from Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan: Viewed "Discover Life: Bigg Boss Season-5 (India): TV review Housemates" 3 hours 58 mins ago
  4. A visitor from Karachi, Sindh: viewed "Discover Life: TV Review... Laagi Tujhse Lagan:" 4 hours 19 mins ago
It is relevant to mention here that India and Pakistan are not friendly countries in spite of being bifurcated from the British India 62 years back. Both the countries fought many wars on various ‘border issues’ after independence from the British rule. 

Politicians of both the countries kept committing blunders after blunders that resulted into widening rifts between the people of both the countries. They, in fact, laid the foundation of hatred between these countries by agreeing to the division of British India into three parts that are India, West Pakistan and East Pakistan (currently Bangladesh). This division was based on religious bias and linguistic discrimination that could be considered as primitive in any angles of views. 

In fact the people of both these countries (and of course those of Bangladesh) are the original natives of ancient India. They lived together for hundreds of centuries on this soil. They have common languages, common race and common ancestry

I recall our recent trip to the US when we visited a Pakistani friend’s place on a lovely dinner and enjoyed exotic Pakistani Sindhi cuisines like Biriyani and Kabab in addition to many others mouthwatering delicacies. Having been addressed as ‘uncle’ and ‘aunty’ we felt at home with them at their place. We finally returned to India carrying many sweet memories of our Pakistani friends and of course the lovely gifts presented by them. 

I welcome my Pakistani friends to my site ‘Discover Life’ and appeal them to post their messages and comments under the articles, for registering their presence. This is really a matter of pride and rejoices for me on finding my distant cousins, from across the frontiers, just by the side of me.

Thanks indeed,

Harish Jharia 
Discover Life
30 November 2011


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