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10 November 2011

Editors Page: Opening Senior Citizens and Old Age Section on “Discover Life” on 11.11.11

       The dusk of life Courtesy HelpAge India

© Harish Jharia

My trip to US in 2011 has been quite memorable as I came across many good incidents and enjoyed happy moments. One of the memorable incidents was my meeting with a neighbors’ parent. We exchanged pleasantries and shared thoughts with each other for an hour and felt comfortable on knowing that both of us belonged to the same intellectual level. 

As it happens with most of the elderly people, we too enquired about each other’s health especially BP, diabetes and conditions of our hearts. Then we discussed the day-to-day problems related to retired professionals and eventually came to the conclusive question that is “How old are you?” My new friend declared proudly that he was senior by fifteen years to me. He felt yet more enchanted when I commented that he did not look that old. 

That was the point when we switched over to talks about old-age, old-age-homes and the global concern about the lives and problems of senior citizens. My friend expressed pleasure on knowing that I were a blogger and wrote articles, stories and novels for my site. He looked at me for a moment and shot a straight question whether I wrote articles for and about senior citizens. I could watch an expression of appreciation on his face when I assured him that I had written many articles on old age, especially about women in their advanced age. 

My friend extended his hand for a hand-shake and asked me to write more and more on senior citizens. He also sought copies of such articles for him and for his NGOs. 

Now, as a tribute to my new friend and for honoring the senior citizens world over, “Discover Life” is going to open a new section titled as ‘Senior Citizens’ on this site on 11.11.11. We promise to publish more and more articles on the previous generations without that we would not have been here today.


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