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13 September 2011

10th Anniversary of 9/11 Terrorist Attack on American World Trade Towers:

Ashburn, Virginia, USA

- Harish Jharia

It happened to be a coincidence when I stepped on the American soil, for the fourth time in 2011, on the historical moment when the people of the United States were observing the 10th anniversary of 9/11 terrorist attack. It was also a coincidence when I visited the United States during the summers of 2001 and visited the World Trade Center twin towers. Nevertheless, it was a nightmarish shock to me when on returning back to India I watched the 9/11 widespread destruction live on TV, resulting out of the devastating terrorist attack in September 2001. Now I always feel scared out of the fact that the Marriott hotel, in the immediate neighborhood of the world trade towers, where we stayed in 2001, was also devastated in the carnage. Anyways, I deeply feel the pain and loss that the victims of 9/11 and their families have undergone. 

9/11 attack on the pride of global economy

I express my solidarity and compassion with the people of America and the entire world on history’s most inhuman act committed by the terrorists on 9/11 and on many other unholy moments at different places on this planet. I also pay my heartfelt compassion to my countrymen, including me, who faced ruthless terrorist attacks on Indian Parliament, Taj Hotel Mumbai, Delhi High court and many other places in the past. 

I also appeal to the government of India to declare an open war against the terrorists rather than beating the bushes and pointing finger at Pakistan, Nepal and Bangladesh. Indian government should remember that the terrorist attacks are being planned by Indian terrorists, on Indian soil and out of the Indian explosives. Therefore, we should nab the suspected people and organizations in the Indian Territory itself. We will have to finish legal proceedings against the jailed terrorists on fast track and award death sentence immediately after the courts verdict.

Inhuman devastation of human progress and development

We need to learn from the United States the way they avenged the 9/11 massacre within 10 years and emerged as winners on the 10 anniversary of the attack in 2011. The dreaded 9/11 attack was transpired at the tenure of George W Bush who declared an open war against Al-Qaida and it’s supreme commander Osama Bin Laden. This war went through Iraq, Afghanistan, and Pakistan and ended with the invasion of Pakistani territory by the United States seals and assassination of Osama Bin Laden. With this America has emerged as the champion of war against global terrorism under the regime of Barack Obama

We Indians look so very submissive, weak and coward if our careless handlings of the cases of terrorist attacks on India are any indications.  

        The 9/11 Memorial At ground zero, New York

We Indians will have to come out of the vote-bank syndrome and tackle the cases of terrorism with hands of steel and hearts of stone. The government will have to display its highest grade of Integrity while dealing with the terrorists. They should remember that terrorists are the enemies of Indian Republic. The government should declare their activities as mutiny and deal them accordingly without any political and diplomatic bias or prejudice.  


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