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10 September 2011

Communal Violence Bill Placed In the National Integration Council (NIC) In the Month of 10th Anniversary of 9/11 Terrorists’ Attack: This Bill Is Dangerous For the Federal Structure of Indian Republic

Ashburn, Virginia, USA

A Muslim selling Pictures of Hindu deities 

- Harish Jharia

Communal violence bill is a mismatch with the National Integration Council (NIC) as its theme has nothing to do with national integration. Communal violence is a subject concerning law and order and should be left to the police and security agencies to tackle. The Indian Government had recently refused to interfere in state affaires when Anna Hazare team demanded to include the jurisdiction and code of conduct for proposed Lokpal’s counterpart in the states. The same Indian government is now advocating a Communal Violence Bill directly interfering in the states affaires.

The Indian government’s attempt to bring the communal violence bill has practically camouflaged the recent terrorist attack where more than a dozen innocent people were killed, leaving ninety plus people injured. How a government of the largest democracy can ignore a terrorist attack in such a casual manner. The political leaders of the ruling party appear to be more interested in diverting attention of Indian people from the rampant corruption prevailing in the high places of this country. They appear to be trying to downplay their failure in projecting themselves as supporters of anti-corruption Lokpal bill and earning a bad name by taking revengeful actions against the team members of Anna Hazare and Baba Ramdev.

Indian government has proposed the communal violence bill at a time when the entire world is going to remember the tenth anniversary of the most horrific and massive terrorist attack on 9/11. We Indians are repeatedly proving ourselves insensitive, casual and coward by simply forgetting repeated terrorist attacks on Indian soil, destroying hundreds of lives and properties worth millions and the priceless pride of India.

We firstly do not act effectively to nab the terrorists and if we catch hold of any culprit, we keep them in safe custody for years together and finally recommend mercy appeal if the courts award them death sentences. We just cannot imagine collecting courage like the Americans did and invaded Pakistan’s territory, eventually killing Osama Bin Laden. Late Prime Minister Rajiv Gandi’s killers are evading the death sentences they have been awarded by Indian courts. So are the cases about Khalistan car bomb convict Devender Singh Bhullar, Afzal Guru and Kasab etc.

Politicians should remember that Indian Muslims are not supporters of terrorists. The terrorists are attacking the Indian people and properties, irrespective of religions of the victims. Muslim population is also killed in terrorist attacks and Indian Muslims are equally furious against the terrorists alike the non-Muslim people of India are.

The communal violence bill is evidently being proposed by keeping the Indian Muslims in mind. By proposing this bill, the government is going to create another divide between various communities of Indian republic. In fact the communal violence bill itself appears to be communal in nature. It’s theme is also against the provisions in the constitution of India that provides impartial treatment to the people of this country without any discrimination based on community, caste, creed, and gender etc. This bill will definitely be opposed and rejected by all the communities including Hindus, Muslims and Christians because it is going to create an aggressive communal consciousness among the masses.

This bill has already been opposed by many states of India and the chief Ministers of those states have boycotted the meeting. This bill has also been tagged as dangerous as this will damage the federal structure of the country. It is definitely a dangerous proposition and its first reaction in the masses will be creating fear and distrust among various communities. 

The main victim of this bill will be the Hindu community because it has the majority population in India and the bill will project Hindus as the potential threat to the minorities. We should always remember that Indian Muslims and Hindus have a common ancestry. All Indians are the sons of the same soil. 


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