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24 September 2011

Crazy Ideas: Resource Conservation: How to Utilize the Leftovers of Bath-Soaps:

Ashburn, Virginia, USA

©Harish Jharia

With the introduction of international branded soaps in India my family also tried some of these brands at our home. We found them really useful and effective as far as skin care and cleaning is concerned. But the main hitch was the prize of these brands. 

We came across ‘Dove’ bath-soap in the year 2003 in one of the shops in Paltan Bazar at Dehradun. I was shocked to learn about its price tag of Rs 40/- as compare to the 100 gram Indian bath-soaps available on the same shop within the range of Rs 12/- to 20/-. The prize difference at the ratio of 12:40 between these soaps still continues till today.

Now let us discuss about the leftovers of the bath-soaps that are usually drained out in the commode or are used for hand-wash

Some people just throw these leftover soaps in the dustbin. Nevertheless, I just could not afford to throw the leftovers of the bath-soaps worth Rs 70/- to Rs 80/- a piece. I, instead, use to attach the leftovers of previous bath-soaps to the fresh pieces (using molecular adhesion process) and use the coupled soap cakes for bathing. 

For sticking the leftovers to a fresh soap cake you may follow this process:
  1. Use the fresh soap cake for two baths, so that the smoothness of its surface goes 
  2. Keep the leftover bath-soap under the shower while you take bath, so that it becomes soft
  3. Place the leftover on the bath-soap over the soft wet bath-soap and ring one against the other, so that any air-bubble or water forces out 
  4. Leave them stuck-together overnight and you will find that both the pieces of soaps integrated as one single piece 
Look at the following images of the process in successive stages:

            Fresh soap and leftover soap

Put wet leftover on the new wet soap and ring them

Soap attached with leftover is ready to use


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