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19 September 2011

TV Review: Sasural Simar Ka Colors TV Hindi Serial, Monday to Friday at 7:30pm

Ashburn, Virginia, USA

 Dipika Samson as Simar and Avika Gaur as Roli
Star Cast: 
Simar: Dipika Samson
Prem: Shoeib Ibrahim
Roli:  Avika Gaur
Jamna Lal Dvivedi: Pankaj Dheer
Rajjo Bua: Himani Shivpuri

We heard about a new Hindi serial Sasural Simar Ka on Colors TV channel. There were many promos shown on TV describing all the preparations about the serial- a new story, its impressive fresh cast, its excellent sets so on and so forth. In all I was really impatient for the serial to start on the TV because there were very few shows on Hindi TV channels worth watching. Sasural Simar Ka started showing on Colors TV channel. It looked really quite impressive in the beginning and as the successive episodes were aired I felt disillusioned for many reasons. 

                                      Dipika Samson

It is a story of a middle class girl Simar, hailing from a small town. She was broughtup in a traditional atmosphere and under strict discipline of his father Jamna Lal. Jamna Lal did not allow his children to watch TV and kept the TV locked all the time. He used to open the lock at the timings of his choice and showed the programmes by holding the remote in his own hands. The entire family was scared of thinking about TV and its shows. 

                       Avika Gaur

Simar had many dreams for her future like any other teenager in the ongoing modern times. She had a hobby for Bollywood dancing and wanted to earn name, fame and fortune by competing in a reality show ‘India’s Got Talent’. Her determination for this aim was supported by her aunt Rajjo bua, in spite of the fact that her father Jamna Lal would get furious with this plan. 

The serial then showed all sorts of deceptions, cheatings and breach of trust against the father who loved his daughter the most, in order to get Simar to the sets of ‘India’s Got Talent’. Simar eventually participated in the reality show right against the consent of her father and by deceiving him. The deceiving ploy was not complete with the participation of Simar in the reality show. The family went to the extent of marrying Simar’s minor sister Roli with Simar’s fiancé Prem, while Simar was out on the sets of the reality show. Subsequently Simar was sent to her in-laws house in spite of the fact that she was not married to Prem. 

                                  Shoeib Ibrahim

Right now Simar is living in Prem’s house without having married to him.  Her sister Roli, who was married to Prem without the knowledge of all, is also living in Prem’s house. The situation has become extremely irritating as the makers of the serial are trying to keep this deceptive threesome together by creating unusual and illogical excuses

Right now the TRP of Sasural Simar Ka is quite low at 2.77 against Balika vadhu: 4.7 and Uttaran: 3.7 (Click here for TRP site) 



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