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07 September 2011

Crazy Ideas: How to Enhance Good Looking Features Without Cosmetics

- Harish Jharia

Ashburn, Virginia, USA
We usually go searching for different cosmetics and even resort to cosmetic surgery for becoming beautiful, handsome, charming or pretty. There are thousands of cosmetics available across counters claiming to enhance your good looks and make heads turn towards your face. There are many beauty parlors mushrooming in our neighborhood streets and shopping centers, attracting most of the women and girls from our homes.

We always roam around outdoors and go for artificial rectification of our face, rather than using our inner features for making our face charming. Yes the natural feature is our smile that we keep hiding most of the time. 

You may try for yourself. Just take two pictures of yourself, one with normal face and the other with smiling face, preferably with your front teeth partly visible.  You will find yourself better looking with smiling face compared to with non-smiling face


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