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15 October 2011

Analytical Film-Review: Salman Khan in Atul Agnihotri & Reliance Blockbuster Bodyguard

Ashburn, Virginia, USA

- Harish Jharia

Cast and crew:
  1. Banner: Reel Life Production Pvt Ltd; Reliance Entertainment
  2. Release Date: August 31, 2011
  3. Producer: Atul Agnihotri; Alvira Agnihotri
  4. Director, story: Siddique
  5. Editor: Sanjay Sankla
  6. Screenplay: Kiran Kotrial; J P Chowksey; Siddique
  7. Star Cast: Salman Khan (Lovely Singh); Kareena Kapoor (Divya); Mahesh Manjrekar (Ranjan Mhatre); Aditya Pancholi (Vikrant); Hazel Keech (Maya); Rajat Rawail (Tsunami); Asrani (Shekhar); Katrina Kaif (Item Number); Raj Babbar (Sartaj Rana); Mohan Kapoor (Professor); Chetan Hansraj; Sharat Saxena; Vidya Sinha (Divya's Mother); Shashi Kiran (Ajay Mama); Reema Debnath (Savita)
  8. Singers: Salman Khan; Ash King; Clinton Cerejo; Mika Singh; Amrita Kak; Rahat Fateh Ali Khan; Shreya Ghoshal; Alam Gir Khan; Shaan
  9. Lyricist: Shabbir Ahmed; Neelesh Misra
  10. Music Director: Himesh Reshammiya; Pritam Chakraborty; 
  11. Background Music: Sandeep Shirodkar
  12. Cinematography: Sejal Shah
  13. Choreography: Ganesh Acharya; Vaibhavi Merchant; Vishnudeva
  14. Action: Vijayan Master
  15. Art: Shailesh Mahadik; Monica Angelica Bhowmick
  16. Costume: Alvira Agnihotri; Ashley Rebello; Manish Malhotra

Theme and Story: 

Lovely Singh (Salman Khan) is a security guard working with a security agency. He is appointed as a bodyguard for Divya ( Kareena Kapoor) by her father Sartaj Rana (Raj Babbar) as there was a threat to her life from a gangster Ranjan Mhatre (Mahesh Manjareker ).  Lovely Singh is an one man army and is considered equivalent to a dozen armed guards. He has high regards for Sartaj Rana as his late father had also worked as bodyguard for Rana. Sartaj Rana had also saved the life of Lovely Singh’s mother when she was pregnant, carrying him. Lovely Singh regarded Rana as his master and addresses him as ‘malik’ (master).

Having been appointed as the bodyguard of Divya, lovely has also been given responsibilities of imparting physical training to her for keeping fit. He is at 24 hour disposal to Divya and also accompanies her in her class rooms in the college where she is studying her MBA. Divya has a friend and companion Maya (Hazel Keech) who lives with her in the same residence and studies in the same class. Divya always feels embarrassed for her bodyguard who follows her everywhere in uniform. She, in association with Maya plans and plays many tricks to get rid of the bodyguard or at least change his outfit from a hardcore security personnel to a normal young man. 

In the process of changing the outfit of Lovely Singh, Divya resorts to call him on his mobile, pretending as some imaginary young girl from Divya’s college. She makes many calls to him to say that she likes him as he looks dashing and charming. The repeated calls develop some sort of attraction between Lovely and the imaginary girl. One evening Divya goes to a discotheque and Lovely keeps guarding her there also. The gangster Ranjan Mhatre’s goons invade into the discothèque for killing Divya. Lovely spots the goons when Divya was talking on his mobile pretending as the imaginary girl. Lovely tells her on mobile that Divya Madam’s life is in danger and he is disconnecting the call and rushing to the rescue of Divya madam.     

Lovely fights with the dozen-plus goons with expert hooks, punches, kicks, hops jumps, summersaults and pistol shots and finally saves Divya from all this messed up deadly attack. As a result of this incident Divya feels sprouting up a soft corner for her bodyguard Lovely Singh. Divya’s feelings for Lovely undergo a romantic metamorphosis but the servant-master relations between him and her father restricts her from disclosing the story to her father.  In a negative twist to the story Divya’s friend Maya comes out in light as the girl who used to call on Lovely’s mobile. Lovely and Maya get married and have a son. In another turn in the story Lovely returns back to Divya after Maya’s death and gets united with her on insistence of his master Sartaj Rana. 

Film review:

In spite of having so many twists and turns in the story, the film has come out to be an excellent entertainer. The film keeps the viewers glued to the screen and touches their different feelings many times with excitements, laughters and chocked throats. Salman khan has done a good job in the character of Bodyguard. Karina Kapoor has displayed her finest talents of acting, expressions, body language and dialogue delivery. Debutant comedian Rajat Rawail’s performance was dull and sometimes looked irritating with the indecent dialogues he delivered as Tsunami Singh. The direction, screenplay and editing is excellent. 

The snapshot performance of Katrina Kaif was insignificant in the title song and dance sequence because of the dominating presence and persona of Salman Khan. Her piece of dance was also not choreographed effectively. 

Salman Khan looked really dashing in this movie. He has obviously reduced extra weight and shaped his body in an ultimate chiseled built. His reflexes have also become quick in this film. He appears to have delivered dialogues in a better voice rather than speaking in his monotonic delivery in base. He has also gone through rigorous practice and rehersals of his dance numbers. 

Himesh Rshaiya’s music is another attraction in the film. Nevertheless, the high pitch songs sung as playback for Salman Khan were misfits for the persona of the bodyguard. The songs did not match with the lip movements of Salman Khan. 

General Comment:

Music directors should patiently select a suitable pitch for songs when composing music for the hero or for other characters.  There is a trend in Bollywood composing songs based on Punjabi pop music and sung by Punjabi pop singers. In spite of being good songs, these compositions do not match with the characters for which they are played as playback songs. Similarly, the songs composed for female item-numbers in UP / Bihar dialects and sung by female singers in husky voices also look a bit indecent. 


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