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28 October 2011

TV Serial Review: Rajan Shahi’s Creation Color TV Serial ‘Hawan’ Cast:

- Harish Jharia

Hariom Babji:  Played by Narendra Jha, he is the central character of a spiritual head that is considered as Bhagwan (God) and worshiped by the people as one.

Atharv: Played by Kunal Verma, he is is the son of Hariom Babji and the most eligible bachelor in the current times. He is the fiancé of the young leading lady Aastha.

Aastha: She is an extremely beautiful girl; one of the main characters played by Shrenu Parekh and proposed to be married with Atharv. 

Madhav: He is a potter by profession; the character played Sanjay Swaraj is also the father of Aastha and husband of Lajo. 

Lajo: A powerful character played by Samta Sagar is the wife of Madhav and mother of Aastha. She has delivered her dialogues in chaste central Indian Bundeli dialect. 

Trishna: She is the eldest daughter-in-law of Hariom Babji, a negative character played by Shubhangi Atre Poorey 

Theme and Story:

Hariom Bapji, played by Narendra Jha, is a religious preacher and a spiritual healer. He commands great respect in that area and is worshiped by the people like Bhagwan (God). People display his picture in their places of worship at their residences along with other deities and gods and perform regular pooja. 

Astha, a beautiful young girl in her early twenties, is the daughter of a poor potter of the village. She is a selfless devotee of Hariom Babji who in turn recognizes her devotion and offers a marriage proposal between his son Atharv and her. He went all the way to Astha’s home and submitted the marriage proposal to her father Madhav.

The potter Madhav and his wife Lajo felt embarrassed on finding a celebrity like Hariom Babji at their door step. They could not believe their ears when Hariom Babjii initiated a marriage negotiation with them. Eventually, the marriage is fixed and preparations for the same are in progress. 

As usually happens in all the TV serials, three negative characters have initiated their activities. They are- Tishna, played by Shivangi  Atrey, the second son of Hariom Babji and a childhood friend of Astha.


Rajan Shahi has selected a good theme, story and star cast. He launched the serial with lot of fanfare and the initial episodes really induced interest among the TV viewers. Hawan has an interesting theme of 'rags to riches' romantic journey of a beautiful simple girl born in a poor family of a village potter. The episode moves ahead with definite progression of emotional events and interesting incidents. The episodes involved the viewers with the story line and they started identifying themselves with the characters of the serial.  

Narendra Jha has played the character of Hariom Babji quite perfectly. He has portrayed the character so effectively that at some places it looks as if his expressions have influenced the character of Madhav, played by Sanjay Swaraj. Sanjay Swaraj should make it sure that Madhav’s expressions should look different from that of Hariom Babji.

Samata Sagar is playing the character of Lajo with exemplary expertise. Her humble expression and the down to earth simple body language are rarely found on TV screen. She delivers her dialogues in chaste central Indian Bundeli dialect with natural ease and perfect accent.  

Rajan Shahi has broken the ongoing dictate of women domination on Hindi TV programs and portrayed many male characters on the screen that was earlier crowded with women of all ages clad in multicolored outfits and wearing thick layers of loud makeup. Rajan deserves accolades for bringing back the natural look of Indian life and society displayed on the TV screen. 

Nevertheless, it appears that Rajan Shahi is now diverting from the main theme of the serial by glorifying the negative character of Trishna played by Shubhangi Atre Poorey. He has also inserted a rogue character, Neeraj, on 26 October 2011, in the attire of an armed forces (ASC) soldier and a childhood friend of Aastha. This person plays prolonged multiple irritating indecent acts and delivers dialogues in uncivilized tone while indulging in forced interaction with Astha.

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