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04 October 2011

Health and Workout: Give a Try to Mild Starvation for Weight Loss

Ashburn, Virginia, USA

- Harish jharia

We always get scared with the terminology ‘starvation’ and ‘fasting’ proposed as a tool for weight loss. It is so because by fasting and starving our body would miss the vital supply of nutrition. By denying nutrition to our body we may end up in losing skin tone and developing wrinkles on our skin and weakness in our body. 

Nevertheless, a mild starvation of two hours just before our meals might not adversely affect our body because, we would after all, eat our routine food on time.  A standard diet regime consists of three nutritious and controlled diets a day. These diets have all the required proteins, vitamins, fibers, fruits, salads and milk etc. However, the controlled quantity of food-intake and adequate workouts will make us hungry a couple of hours prior to lunches and dinners. 

Usually we take our breakfast at 9:00am, lunch at 1:00pm, snacks or fruits at 5:00pm and dinner at 9:00pm. The time gap between each food intake is 4 hours, exclusive of 8 hour sleep. We should keep in mind that the main meals are taken at 1:00pm and 9:00pm. The time gap between lunch and dinner is 8 hours and that between the dinner and lunch is 16 hours, inclusive of 8 hour sleep.  

As a result of these wide gaps between the main courses of meals, we start feeling hungry about 2 hours prior to each meal. That means we start craving for food at about 11:00am and then at 7:00pm. We feel real hungry during this 2 hour period and eventually go for munching something like chips, nuts or else eating plenty of fruits, salads or gulping glassfuls of juices or soft drinks. 

My proposed diet plan is for this couple of hours prior to our meals. I think that if we avoid eating or drinking anything during this couple of hours we would continue feeling starved until we get our regular meals. I call this as ‘mild starvation’ and believe that our body would consume some body fats during this period and eventually the process might contribute in weight loss regime


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