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11 October 2012

Automobiles: What will happen if we press electric start button in running engine condition of a bike..?

Question by Ram: 

What happens if we pressed an electric start button for a vehicle which is already started?
I pressed my bikes electric start button while riding my bike....!! does it harms bike??

Best Answer by Harish Jharia: Chosen by Asker

Electric start system has an electric motor that turns the engine shaft at a rate of RPM (revolution per minute) sufficient for starting the engine of your bike. 

In fact electric start is a substitute to mechanical start feature known as 'Kick'...
If you push the electric start button / key in running engine... it will result in a condition similar to that you push the kick in the same condition...

Practically it will not harm the vehicle... nevertheless, it is not desirable and you should not do it intentionally... 


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