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17 October 2012

TV Review Sasural Simar Ka: A Monotonous Irritating Serial on Colors TV Channel

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I watched the 16 October 2012 episode of Sasural Simar Ka and could not hold back without writing this review. Sasural Simar Ka is so very irritating serial that the viewers should better keep a pain balm handy for applying on their forehead and get rid of headache.

In fact 90% of Hindi serials aired in India are baseless, monotonous and irritating like Sasural Simar Ka. All of them have stagnated story lines with unsolved mysteries kept alive in the serial and keeping the viewers guessing. Nevertheless, Sasural Simar Ka appears to be the leader in exploiting these formulas in the most efficient way.  

In Sasural Simar ka there are 5-6 women and the equal number of their male counterparts shown in the serial.  But only 3 women appear to be actively involved in the TV serial. Rest of the women use to stand and watch other characters with monotonous expressions on their faces. 

The male characters appear to be deaf and dumb because they never speak and simply keep turning their heads at the three active lead female characters Simar, Roli and Khushi. Their close-ups are of-course shown as slideshows at regular intervals for showing their reactions to the actions done by Simar, Roli and Khushi. But they are never allowed to speak or do any action at-all all by themselves. 

In the initial story there were no traces of any character like Khushi, a bar girl, who intruded the Baraddwaj family as their daughter-in-law for cheating them of their money and devastating the family. Khushi, in fact, entered the scenario casually and became one of the main characters even outshining ‘Mataji’ the head of the family. This has been done by the makers, obviously, to hit the TRP. 

The role of Simar, in spite of being the lead character, has been made a monotonous, who  always cries, weeps and sheds bucketful of tears from her reddened eyes. She never smiles does not do anything worthwhile in the serial. She is the most irritating character that has been portrayed as a loser. Dipika Samson, the actress who plays the role of Simar, might have forgotten all other feelings except crying even in her real life. 

Watching this serial is not only a waste of time... it is also harmful for the viewer; because, it may disturb their peace of mind. 


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