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04 October 2012

Film Review: OMG… Oh My God...! An Excellent Film without a Bit of Romance…!

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The theme of this movie is ‘God’ as depicted from its title ‘OMG…Oh my God’. It is about the ‘one and only’ almighty God as well as the hundreds of commercial Gods running their businesses in the guise of Babas and Ammas. The film tries to prove the existence of God by turning an atheist into a believer in God. At the same time it attempts to disclose the real deceptive characters of the Babas and Ammas minting millions by befooling the innocent Indian people (obviously the Hindus).


Kanji Lalji Mehta, an atheist (played by Paresh Rawal) is a small businessman running an antique shop / handicraft shop / emporium, whatever you call, selling statues of Gods.  He is under lots of debts that he borrowed from others for renovating his shop. One day his shop devastates out of an earthquake. Miraculously, his shop was the only structure that grounded after the tremors leaving all other buildings, in the vicinity, intact. 

People accused him of practicing atheism and infuriating the lord that resulted in his devastation. Kanji Mehta’s wife, along with her children, leaves his house out of frustration and shifts to her parental house.

Kanji Mehta rubbished these allegations and decided to claim the damages from the insurance company. The insurance company refused his claim on the grounds that his insurance policy was not applicable to natural calamities / act of God.  Kanji Mehta, eventually, sued the God in the court of law for claiming the damages. He prayed to the court to summon the Babas, Ammas and priests being the representatives of God and recover the dues from them. 

At this juncture Lord Krishna (played by Akshay Kumar), himself appears in human incarnation to help the atheist in this crisis. The lord in a modern avatar and outfits buys Kanji Mehta’s house in an auction, settles in it and asks him to stay along with him. Thereafter, a very interesting story goes on with excellent incidents and interactions between an atheist and the lord that cheer up the viewers. 

In addition to the above, unbelievable successive court proceedings and arguments have been showcased in the film keeping the cine-goers enchanting and giggling throughout the movie. The film finally ends with a happy and positive note when the atheist Kanji Mehta turns into a believer in God. 

My comments:
  • “OMG… Oh My God” is an excellent film that can be viewed many times. I recommend this film strongly as it would be a loss to any filmgoer if he / she fail to watch it.  
  • No Hindi film, made in Bollywood, can be imagined without romance, courtships and discotheques and of course without arbitrary exposure of bodies. Nevertheless, you believe it or not, ‘OMG’ is one film where there are no such things in the least. It is absolutely clean film and worth watching along with the entire family. 
  • Paresh Rawal is in his best in this movie and played the lead role in the best possible way. The film is a marvel as far as its story, direction, cinematography and editing is concerned. The film proceeds seamlessly, keeping the viewers glued to itself. 
Cast & Crew:

Banner: Viacom 18 Motion Pictures, Grazing Goat Productions, Playtime Creations, Spice Studios
Release Date: 28 Sep 2012
Genre: Comedy
Producer: Akshay Kumar, Ashvini Yardi, Paresh Rawal

Star Cast:
  1. Paresh Rawal.... Kanji Lalji Mehta
  2. Akshay Kumar.... Lord Krishna
  3. Nidhi Subbaiah.... News Reporter- Shweta Tiwari
  4. Govind Namdev.... Siddeshwar Maharaj
  5. Mithun Chakraborty.... Leeladhar
  6. Mahesh Manjrekar.... Lawyer
  7. Murli Sharma.... Politician - Laxman Mishra
  8. Poonam Jhawer.... Gopi Maiyya
  9. Om Puri.... Hanif Qureshi
  10. Lubna Salim.... Kanji's Wife
  11. Yusuf Hussain.... Judge
  12. Nikhil Ratnaparkhi.... Mahadev
  13. Jaineeraj Rajpurohit.... Dinesh Gandhi
  14. Apoorva Arora.... Jigna
  15. Azaan Rustam Shah.... Chintu
  16. Honey Chhaya.... Jagdishbhai
  17. Tisca Chopra.... Anchor
  18. Arun Bali.... Pujari
Item Number: Sonakshi Sinha, Prabhu Dheva
Story / Writers: Umesh Shukla, 
Choreographers: Prabhu Dheva, Chinni Prakash, Rekha Chinni Prakash, Ganesh Acharya
Background Music: Amar Mohile
Music Director: Himesh Reshammiya, Anjjan - Meet Bros, Sachin Jigar
Director: Umesh Shukla, 
Singers: Himesh Reshammiya, Shreya Ghoshal, Mika Singh, Benny Dayal, Kailash Kher, Anjjan - Meet Bros, Suraj Jagan, Zubeen Garg, Arya Acharya, Mohd Irfan, Kirti Sagathia, Ash King, Aman Trikha, Parash Nath.
Lyricist: Shabbir Ahmed, Sameer, Subrat Sinha, Kumaar, Swanand Kirkire
Editor: Tushar Shivan, Rajesh Panchal, 
Cinematography: Sethu Sriram, Raghavendra Rathore
Art: Varshaa Jain, Line Producer, Paresh Rawal
Sound: Jagmohan Anand


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