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10 October 2012

TV Review: Bigg Boss Season- 6 takes off with Celebrities and a Common-Man as Housemates

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The long awaited Bigg Boss- 6 has finally started its telecast on Indian TV channel ‘Colors’ with 15 contestant housemates, invited from different fields as furnished below:
  1. One- non-celebrity common man
  2. One- woman social activist from rural India
  3. One- professional woman hair dresser 
  4. One- celebrity cricketer turned politician
  5. One- activist cartoonist hitting headlines
  6. Ten- TV actors / Film actors / Models
Ihe Bigg Boss house has moved into the structure designed by the National Award winner, Sabu Cyril at Lonavla. It is a masterpiece in architecture, interiors, furnishings, hi-tech gadgets and esthetics.  Only the beds arranged radially in circular layout looked odd. The front view of the house, swimming pool and other parts of the exteriors are marvelous. 

The initial episodes of this celebrity reality show were quite interesting as the viewers glued to the TV screen to know about the contestants. Nevertheless, it was a bit shocking to watch the second episode in which the process of elimination started. Viewers wanted to watch the housemates to settle down in this controlled environment and study their nature, character, body language and temperament. They needed at least 3 episodes to get used to the persona of the housemates and evaluate them in terms of their period of probable stay in the Bigg Boss house.

The common man Kashif Qureshi is not looking like one because he appears to be quite used to the lives of celebrities and posing like them. He looks quite familiar with the showbiz people and trying to mix-up with them; rather than attracting towards the simple people like Aseem Trivedi and Sampat Pal Devi.  He is not looking different among the crowd of celebrities. 

All other contestants are looking excellent with their characters, habits and nature. Bigg Boss-6 is really going to be an excellent show for the next 3 months.

Unlike the previous Bigg Boss shows the contestants are freely and extensively speaking English rather than interacting in Hindi. The Bigg Boss himself has also not pointed out this mistake, repeatedly committed by the housemates. 


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