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16 October 2012

TV Review Bigg Boss-6: Bigg Boss House Infected With Big Boss Syndrome

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The 90 day confinement with 70 cameras watching for 24 hour a day results in many exposures of the inner personas of the contestants  The 15 inmates of Bigg Boss- 6 mostly suffer from homesickness and breakdown because of prolonged separations from their families. They cry and shed tears on their photographs and retire to solitary confinements. 

Other contestants lose their temper and indulge in aggressive quarrels with fellow contestants. Nevertheless, Bigg Boss- 6 has witnessed a rare characteristic called ‘Big Boss Syndrome’ displayed by the ace cricketer Navjot Singh Siddhu. 

It appears that Siddhu is the first contestant in the history of Bigg Boss series, who has addressed the Bigg Boss with a common Hindi title ‘bade bhaai’ (बड़े भाई) rather than calling him by his official address ‘Bigg Boss’. His interaction with the ‘Bigg Boss’ appears to be at equal terms… not accepting the Bigg Boss as the boss of the house. 

It appears as if this is the result of the respectful special treatment given to him by Salman Khan and the other contestants.  Siddhu has been addressed as ‘Siddhu Paa ji’ (सिद्धू पा जी) by the contentants as well as by the anchor Salman Khan. 

Siddhu went to the extent of violating the basic rules of voting for eliminating the contestants. He flatly refused to nominate two inmates for the first weekly elimination round. He embarrassed the Bigg Boss and created a very difficult situation for Bigg Boss to solve. 

Bigg Boss appeared to have landed in an extremely difficult situation and he unexpectedly punished all the 14 inmates rather than nominating Siddhu for the elimination in the first week. The rules were violated by Siddhu and only he should have been punished. 

In Hindi, there are three ways to directly address people (second person) depending on the level of respect we have for them. They are as follows: 
  1. Too (तू) = lowest respect / no respect 
  2. Tum (तुम) = medium respect / marginal respect
  3. Aap (आप) = High respect 
All the contestants, in the Bigg Boss house, use to address Siddhu with Aap (आप), paying him the highest respect; whereas, Siddhu addresses everyone as Too (तू) that is an address usually avoided while interacting with strangers. The address Too (तू) is used for very small children in a family and of course for the servants. 

The inmates have started expressing their displeasure on the role of Siddhu in respect of the first weekly elimination process. On the other hand Bigg Boss has opted for a diplomatic solution for the same and forced Siddhu to come forward and nominate two inmates for elimination. 

Siddhu appears to have created many enemies in the Bigg Boss house and is expected to face difficult situations in the time to come.  


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