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02 October 2010

High Court Verdict: Ram Janmabhoomi – Babari Masjit Case: Politicians feel ignored after...

Politicians feel ignored after High Court Verdict:

The verdict given by Allahabad bench in the Lucknow High Court on Ram Janmabhoomi – Babari Masjid Case that was under consideration in various courts for the last 60 years has eventually proved the excellence and reliability of the Indian judiciary. The verdict has been announced based on the independent judgments of the three judges that have been accepted by all the three appellants. The pronouncement of judgment by the high court has also been welcomed equally by Indian Hindus and Muslims. Leaders of both the communities were seen issuing requests to the followers of their respective religions to maintain peace, tranquility and communal harmony in the country. 

Earlier, the state and union governments did their best by deploying contingents of security forces, police, and paramilitary forces and exhibited the world-class security arrangements all over the country for evading any possible communal clashes out of the Ayodhya Verdict. Nevertheless, it appeared that the Indian judiciary has outclassed the government by pronouncing a justified verdict in this hypersensitive historic judicial judgment. The entire Indian people have welcomed this verdict

For a couple of day’s period, until the verdict was pronounced, the scenario was really filled up with many probable threats of communal disturbances and communal clashes in many parts of the country. Yet, the verdict itself and the reaction of the people about the same were just unbelievable. The verdict was welcomed and accepted equally by the Hindu and Muslim populations and both of them came closer irrespective of the religions they practiced. 
In the entire above positive scenario, the politicians and leaders of various religious bodies appear to have been ignored, as they had too less political matter to exploit the voters and derive advantage out of it. The exemplary brotherhood exhibited by the Indian Hindus and Muslims has left no communal loopholes for the politicians to provoke communal tension between them. 

The politicians are now gearing up for finding faults and reminding the bad days of demolition of the abandoned structure at the site, reminding that it was as a criminal act. Some politicians are even commenting on the process followed by the judiciary that the court considered emotional aspects (religious faith) rather than giving their verdict based on evidences.

In fact the people of India know well that the Archaeological Survey of India has done in-depth researches based on prolonged excavations conducted by them at the site and placed evidences on the table of the High Court for helping the judges to take decisions. 

The politicians that are in the governments and those who sit in the opposition should follow restrain while issuing public statements. This is a very sensitive issue and if they keep handling it so very carelessly, it might turn into countrywide communal riots. It is a judicial matter and the concerned parties in the case,  have already announced that they have decided to file review petitions in the Supreme Court. In this situation the ministers and other politicians should avoid giving their opinions and observations. There are many other avenues for them to generate and consolidate their vote-banks

Hats off to the Judges and to the Indian judiciary…

We should remember that Indian Hindus and Muslims have common ancestry… 

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