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12 October 2010

Workout, Morning Walk, Jog: Speed, Resistance or Time Period? Do It At Least For Half An Hour…

Workout, Morning Walk, Jog:Speed, Resistance or Time Period? Do It At Least For Half An Hour… 

While doing workout in gyms or on a morning walk or jog we usually do heavy exercises or do it faster with an aim to burn more calories. This concept is not correct. It is not going to help you to keep fit if you rum fast for 5 minutes or if you workout harder for 5 to 10 times. By doing so we just do not do any exercise; on the other hand we only exert load on our body and do a harder work for a short time. This is not an ideal workout or exercise. 

We need to do the following for an effective workout:
  1. Our heartbeats should increase
  2. Our breath should go deeper and faster
  3. We should drench with sweat in summers
For achieving all the above goals we will have to work out at constant speed for at least 30 minutes to 45 minutes. How hard should you workout or how fast you would run or walk will depend on your age, physique and health. We should select the speed and resistance at which we can do the workout for a period between 30min to 45min.
In a simple language we may say that we should walk, run or workout at least for 30 minutes and preferably for 45 minutes with a moderated strenuous level suiting to our age and health.

We should remember that if we are suffering from heart ailments, lungs infection or problems like asthma then also we should go for morning walks while following certain guidelines provided by our doctor. 


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