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14 October 2010

Review: CWG Men’s Hockey final for Gold: India lost to Australia by 0–8 goals and settles for silver...

Review: CWG Men’s Hockey final for Gold: 
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Indian hockey team celebrating their victory over England and qualifying for the finals...

India lost to Australia by 0–8 goals and settled for a silver...

-Harish Jharia

India was defeated in the final of men’s Hockey by demoralizing score of 0 – 8 goals. We as spectators and reviewers never imagined such a bad defeat for India who played an international class of hockey with England and defeated them in a nail biting finish in sudden death penalty stocks shootout. 

I firmly believe that Australia have won the match against a very strong Indian team by following strategic tricks in the match rather than outclassing the Indian team in playing expertises, fitness and stamina.  They made most of the goals in counter attacks when the Indian players were in the other half of the ground. 

First they let the Indians to have control of the ball and enter their half and then suddenly they counterattacked by long passes and shot goals at an unprotected goalpost. India should learn this tactics, rather than blindly following the traditional play of keeping the ball in their control and attacking like military troops. 

The other trick Australians followed was strategically and deliberately getting penalty corners in their favor by pushing the ball at Indian players’ bodies in their ‘D’. Thereafter they used their expertise in converting the penalty corners into goals. India will have to learn these tactics also for earning goals by making the opposite team to commit fouls in the ‘D’. 

The Indian team should also learn to frequently changing tactics from short-passes to long-passes and vice versa for breaking the rhythm of the opponent’s play. They should also stop giving so very many back-passes in their own half, at times when they are required to move fast for multiple attacks against the opposite team. 

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