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22 September 2012

Beggar shares alms with poor girls in Gujarat , India:

            Khimji Bhai Prajapati

Written on 27 June 2010

© Harish Jharia

A beggar Khimjibhai Prajapati, 64 in Mehsana begs outside the Simandhar Swami Jain Temple. He earns livelihood for himself that consists of two square meals a day and some money that he sends for his ailing wife in Rajkot. 

Earlier, Khimjibhai used to run temporary tea stalls on pavements in Rajkot but he had to shut down the same due to price rise and resultant losses and eventually resorted to begging for his survival in Mehsana. 

He has a passion for helping starving poor with food bought out of the alms he collects while begging. He recently donated clothes to some orphan girls of a school (Shrimati Kesarbai Kilachand School for the Deaf) and caught attention of the trusty of that institution. 

The media also rushed to the poor beggar and published this story in The Times of India, dated 27 June 2010.

This is a great act of charity done by someone who himself goes around for asking alms from others. On the other hand we are worried for money, all the time, even if we have treasures in our pockets. Let us learn lessons form Khimjibhai Prajapati and I am sure that most of our stresses will vanish. 

My salutes to you...  Khimji Bhai Prajapati...


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