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18 September 2012

Editors Page: Thanks Giving to the Visitors from the United States USA

New Delhi, India, 19 September 2012

Hello dear visitors from the United States,

I opened my Blog ‘Discover Life’ today at 11:11 am in India and was overwhelmed to see that there were 15 visitors online at a time. I was yet more enchanted to notice that all the 15 visitors were from the United States USA. 

Total visitors on ‘Discover Life’ in the last 11 plus hours were 136. Out of which the visitors from the USA were 108, from India 13 and others from rest of the world. 

I could not believe on my eyes when I found that there were 100 visitors from Ashburn, VA out of the total 108 US visitors from the US. It is a coincidence that Ashburn is the place where I stay for months together on my trips to the USA. 

I thank the visitors from the United States and especially those from Ashburn, VA, from the core of my heart for their interest shown in my blog ‘Discover Life’. Thanks indeed and may god bless you all. 

Unforgettable moments at Ashburn Golf Course

Please Keep Visiting ‘Discover Life’…

Thanks indeed

Harish Jharia 
Discover Life


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