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17 September 2012

A Different Bigg Boss Season- 6: Salman Khan Invites Common People to Join the Bigg Boss House Inmates as Contestants

Bigg Boss Season- 6: Alag Chhe!
बिग बॉस सीज़न- ६: अलग छे!
अलग छे = It's different

 Salman Khan the Bigg Boss- 6 Host

- Harish Jharia 

Bigg Boss is back with an assorted blend of emotion, drama, fun and entertainment. Housing celebrities, mostly strangers to one another, from different walks of life, locked in a house, for 90 days… watched by 63 cameras following their activities 24 x 7 is a different life worth experiencing by inmates and watching by TV viewers. 

This season is not going to be just about celebrities but also about the ‘aam aadmi’ (common man); who will join the exclusive band of people with name fame and fortune.   

In addition to the human inmates there are going to be two charming and lively houseguests…  a fish, 'O Fish' and , 'Radhe', a talking Macaw parrot to give company to the housemates and make their stagnated lives colorful.

The new edition of Bigg Boss-6 is going to be aired at a family-friendly timeslot of 9 pm, from Sunday to Monday starting 7 October 2012. 

Do you want to be a contestant on Bigg Boss Season- 6 this year? 
If yes, click on the following link and knock at the door of Bigg Boss House: 

Click on the following image:

Link to the official website of Bigg Boss Season- 6: 
URL: http://colors.in.com/in/biggboss/ 


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