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20 September 2012

Indian Films, TV and NGOs are the unilateral friends of Pakistan:

                Pakistani Filmstar Vina Malik

- Harish Jharia

Ever since the British declared independence to the countries in the Indian subcontinent, 63 years back; the relations between India and Pakistan continued to be tense. Both the countries indulged in many wars and wasted scarce national resources and human lives. At the same time Pakistan resorted to encourage terrorism against India and initiated a passive war against her. This terrorism was sponsored by the Pakistan army in the guise of supporting ‘jehaad’ (struggle for independence) in Kashmir. Nevertheless, their policy of passive proxy war backfired and today Pakistan herself has become the worst target of terrorists that were initially sponsored by her.   

Pakistan authorities keep branding India as the biggest threat to their country and now they have gone to the extent of comparing India with terrorism. In all, Pakistan leaves no stone unturned in pursuit of spreading hatred against India among their people and world over. 

In spite of all that, Indian film industry, TV channels and some NGOs keep striving hard to promote Pakistani artists and Indo-Pak friendship. This philosophy appears to be more commercial rather than a social or humane effort. It is quite evident that Indian showbiz and cultural bodies are more interested in earning revenues out of Indo-Pak showoffs rather than seriously bringing both the countries to a common platform for resolving long pending serious issues. 

Pakistan born Bollywood singer Atif Aslam leads 
Pakistan team of singers in ongoing TV reality show 
Sur-Kshetra (in tune of Kurukshetra of Mahabharat)

Indian TV channels are inviting Pakistani artists for earning profits and increasing their TRP at the cost of Indian national pride. In addition to that they are depriving Indian artists who would have been appearing on TV screens and earned name fame and fortune that have been diverted to Pakistani artists. Similar policies have been adapted by Indian film industry also where Pakistani artists sign huge contracts with Indian film production houses thereby depriving Indian artists, music directors and singers of the expected revenues that they might have earned. Such practices also result in losing Indian currency to Pakistan that could have been held back in India for Indians. 

The following are some of the Pakistani singers who have established themselves as Bollywood singers just because of the unilateral choice of Indian music directors and Indian film producers. Titles of their tracks and films are also mentioned along-with them:
  1. Atif Aslam: ‘Woh Lamhe’ for Zeher;  ‘Tere Bin’; ‘Pehli Nazar Main’; ‘Tera Honay Laga Hoon’;  ‘Tu Jaane Na’ 
  2. Rahat Fateh Ali Khan: Om Shanti Om, Singh is King, Namaste London, Aaja Nachle, Billu Barber, Love Aajkal, My Name Is Khan, I Hate Luv Stories, We Are Family, Dabangg and many others. 
  3. Shafqat Amanat Ali: ‘Mitwa’ from Karan Johar’s Kabhi Alvida Na Kehna;  ‘Yeh Hosla’ for Dor, Hello Mumbai;  Aashayen, Bin Tere’ for I Hate Luv Storys
  4. Ali Zafar: Tere Bin Laden Ali acted in the movie as the lead and sung four songs of Tere Bin Laden; ‘I Love Amreeka’, ‘Ullu Da Patha’ and ‘Welcome To Amreeka’; ‘Bus Ek Soch’ is truly Ali’s own composition.
  5. Shehzad Roy: ‘Bullshit’… Khatta Meetha.
This happens only in India...

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