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18 July 2009

Recall our childhood days and Hindi nursery rhymes...

Compiled and interpreted by - Harish Jharia

एक बीज के भीतर गुपचुप
मिट्टी की तह में कुछ नीचे
नन्हा- नन्हा प्यारा पौधा
पड़ा हुआ था आंखें मींचे

बूंदें बोलीं उठो- उठो जी
बोलीं उठो किरन की परियाँ
उठा देखने तब झटपट वह
कैसी है बाहर की दुनियाँ

तितली आई चिड़िया आई
ज्यों ही उसने आंखें खोलीं
लगी हवा में उसे झुलाने
और प्यार की बातें बोलीं

Here is the English interpretation of the Hindi nursery rhyme...

Right within a piece of seed
Just below the crust of earth
There lied a baby plant
With his eyelids closed tight

Pouring drops called him wake
Sang the fairies of sunbeams
He woke up with his flickering eyes
And watched the world with popping eyes

Butterfly came and sparrow flied
The moment he opened his eyes
And swung him in a fresh cool breeze
Singing songs of love and rejoice


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