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10 July 2009

Discotheques, Rave Parties: Mangalore Pub Turbulence

Mumbai rave party busted on: 96 youngsters detained after the Mumbai police busted a rave party at Oakwood Hotel in suburban Juhu: HT Photo
© Harish Jharia

I have never gone to a pub, nightclub, discothèque and places like that. I only watched the re-enactment of the activities of participants at these places in films and TV channels. I have also been looking at Page- 3 pictures where I noticed a similar culture like that in Pubs.

I do not trust blindly on my own intelligence and ability of reaching at conclusions. Hence, I discussed with Indians in India and with Americans in the US, about pubs and the probable plights of youngsters frequenting these controversial places. To my surprise Indian and Americans had similar impression and dislike for Pubs. No one recommended these places for youngsters as they felt them harmful for youth.

I conducted an opinion poll on ISC site, this week on this subject and the results are as follows:

Opinion Poll: Do you support Pub Culture... smoking, alcohol, drugs, and intimate relations... imagining your daughter / sister / wife as a participant...

Poll Results (For latest results click the link at the bottom of article)
  • 33% : Yes- free for all
  • 66% : No- it's harmful for youth
We all know about Mangalore Pub turbulence that rocked the entire country when Shri Ram Sena forcefully disrupted a rave party and drove the youngsters out by pushing and threshing boys and girls out of the place of celebration. Their argument was… that, these activities will spoil the basic social fabric of Mangalore and their offspring are at risk of following the same culture. Their philosophy behind such an aggressive action was that ‘pub culture’ and ‘rave culture’ are against Indian civilization and they will make every effort for stopping its escalation any more.

Subsequently some Indian ministers and other politicians had come out openly against the chief of Shri Ram Sena and declared war against the so-called ‘Moral Brigade’. Eventually the Shri Ram Sena activists were arrested and put behind bars. There has been uproar against the Shri Ram Sena’s action attaching a ‘pro Hindu tag’ to the ongoing turmoil. Today the internet and TV channels are giving vide coverage to this indecent incident.

Today I opened the TV news channel right in the morning and the first visual flashed on the screen was of a pink chaddi / panty / women’s undergarment (sorry, I too am feeling embarrassed while writing). I was just shocked that women across India have decided to send thousands of ‘pink chaddies’ as valentine gifts to the Shri Ram Sena chief from every nook and corner of India.

I do not know whether this action of the Indian women and the Indian politicians is right or wrong. I do not feel like supporting this step and even I do not like to go against it, lest, I might be branded as a part of the moral brigade.

My only concern is that the 26 / 11 carnage has been shifted to the back burner, which is a far more serious and fatal challenge for the country. Was it really required for the politicians to go to the extent to bring young girls and women on the forefront and watch the drama from their luxury bungalows?

The police and the judiciary could have tackled the so-called moral brigades for their aggressive action against pub culture and the people of India could have spent their time, energy and money on problems based on priorities for the society and country.


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