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10 July 2009

How to Make Ourselves Organized (Self)

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Organized people and perfectionists are usually appreciated if they are someone big like celebrities, scientists, authors of best sellers or someone having larger-than-life persona. On the other hand people of non-celebrity categories who happen to be perfectionists or are well organized in their lives do find it difficult in adjusting with the majority of masses that are usually disorganized.

Nevertheless, it is always good to be organized in our lives and for that we need not be a celebrity at all. It is not so very difficult for us to be organized. The only thing required is that you should have desire to be organized and you should know well as to what all to be done for getting organized.

Wishing to be organized is as very simple as most of us want to be so. Yet I came across some people who just don’t feel comfortable in an organized environment. Such people would only find peace when they make their environment disorganized and unclean.

Here is an example of the rarest of the rare who happened to be the most dedicated disorganized person.

Raghav (imaginary name) and his wife Renuka (imaginary name) just after getting married bought a luxury apartment in a posh locality in Delhi. The wife was an interior designer and she hired an interior decorator and got the huge sprawling residence beautifully done-up with the most modern silk curtains, Italian furniture, French showpieces and Iranian carpets.

Renuka was quite excited to show her work of art to Raghav and opened the door of the house for him expecting an excited surprise from him. Raghav entered the house, went around all the rooms and appreciated the artist that was Renuka.

Renuka looked at him for appreciation… “Hey…! How’s that?”

And to her surprise Raghav exclaimed … “doesn’t this all look like a suite of a hotel..?”

It all depends on our early upbringing, our company and our exposure to the modern world for being appreciative to good artwork and developing a natural instinct for an organized and perfect lifestyle for ourselves.

How to Be Organized

We may make ourselves organized in the following three ways:
  1. Organize ourselves
  2. Organize our surroundings
  3. Organize ourselves vis-à-vis outer world
Organize ourselves:


Our daily life begins with the moment, we wakeup in the morning. The time of our leaving bed has to be the first and the foremost organized aspect. Naturally it depends at what time we go to bed and how much sleep we need to have.

In general we need to have 6 to 9 hours of sleep. Therefore, if we go to bed at 10pm we should getup at 6am or earlier; similarly, if we sleep at 12am we will getup at 8am or earlier. If we get less than 6 hour sleep we would not feel fresh in the morning similarly if we keep sleeping indiscriminately beyond 9 hours then we should be branded as lazy.

The best sleeping regime is “early to bed and early to rise”.

We should better go to bed before 10pm and getup at 5:30am. The schedule of the day can be as follows:
  • Leave your bed: ………………………….5:30am
  • Freshen up: ……………………………….5:30am to 6:00am
  • Running / Jogging / Exercise: …………..6:00am to 7:00am
  • Bath, breakfast, dressing up: ……………7:00am to 8:00am
  • Go to work / studies: ……………………..8:00am
  • Back home: ………………………………..6:00pm
  • Freshen up / tea / snacks: ………….........6:00pm to 6:30pm
  • Studies / TV / family / friends: ……………6:30pm to 9:30pm
  • Go to bed:…………………………………..10:00pm
The above schedule is for distributing time slots in 24 hours out of our daily life. This may differ with different people of different professions and can be rescheduled according to their specific daily life.

Our face is the mirror of our inner self, as such; we have to be careful about our facial appearance and expressions. We all have worries and stresses of our profession, family life and social life; that doesn’t mean that we carry a gloomy face all around.

A person with stresses on his face would not be liked by others. People would rather avoid interacting or giving company to a person with gloomy face and disturbed mind. Hence we should make sure that our face should not have negative expressions.

We should have decent hairdo, tasteful dress, footwear and a belt on our waist. We should remember that if we wear shoes and a belt our body posture will be improved. These two apparels keep out body upright and sturdy.

We should sit, stand and walk in a balanced upright posture. While standing, distribute your weight equally on both of your legs. Don’t stand on one leg leaving the other leg limping or resting any of your limbs against a wall, table or counter.

Sit with your bottom as near to the backrest as possible. Don’t lean at the back or outstretching your legs in front. Similarly while walking, put your steps in a straight line with your feet also straight on your front. If your feet are spreading out, then your body would swing a little on your sides.

In the modern world of metro rails, luxury cars, computers, internet etc, our life has become dull. Dull in the sense that we have just lost quick reflexes and have gone slow in our movements. We have lost the habit of responding promptly or giving spontaneous reflexes to any initiative or alerts by others. If someone calls our name or pat on our back we just keep busy in our job and answer by sounding “Hmm…”

A complete and perfect person will respond to any call promptly and rush for a cover on a distress alert / call. We should not waste time if there is any eventuality for helping others as well as ourselves at a time of emergency crisis.

While driving, we should sit in a proper posture and be careful about the traffic movements on road. If our reflexes are slow then it would not be possible for us to drive smoothly and safely.

We should not honk nor should we lose our patience due to disorganized behavior of traffic. We should anticipate the point of stoppage of our vehicle or a road-crossing and apply brakes successively rather than applying screeching brakes. Similarly, we should accelerate the speed of out vehicle successively rather than applying accelerator at full throttle and zooming away abruptly.

It is believed that good driving is such that an occupant of the vehicle can hold a glass of water in hand without spilling a drop.

Our persona and our image are formed out of our own personal characteristics and we can improve the same if we take care of the following:
  1. Our looks
  2. Our athletic built
  3. Our apparels
  4. Our posture
  5. Our gestures
  6. Our actions
  7. Our quick reflexes
  8. Our positive attitude
  9. Our biases and prejudices
  10. Our positive thinking
  11. Our initiatives for hard work
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