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11 July 2009

Health and Nutrition: How to Enhance Stamina…?

Cristiano Ronaldo

- Harish Jharia

In my words stamina can be assessed by the period of time you can do the heaviest possible physical workout with the fastest possible speed, without going breathless.

For example just try to ride a bicycle on an up-gradient road at the fastest speed and see how far you can maintain the speed before you give-up.

Physical requirements for strong stamina:
  1. Your rib-cage should be flexible to inflate and deflate so much so that you are able to inhale maximum possible oxygen at the time of workout.
  2. Your heart should be strong enough to pump blood all through your body and carry oxygen to keep the body charged-up for encountering the heavy workout done by your body.
  3. Your bone structure and muscles should be strong enough to withstand the physical exertion / fatigue / exhaustion encountered by your body during your workout.
What should you do for getting all the above:
  1. Take rich, nourishing and healthy diet inclusive of carbohydrates, proteins, fibers, milk, fruits, plenty of water. (No dieting during this period please)
  2. Go for regular cardiovascular workouts viz running, cycling, swimming, etc for 45 min in such a way that you go breathless and drenched in sweat.
  3. Make your life organized, neat &and clean and take sound sleep for minimum 8 hrs and maximum 9 hrs.
There is no substitute for hard work

Happy workout…

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