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11 July 2009

How to remove moles or warts (मस्से) from our skin?

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There is no treatment like oral medicines or ointments for application for treating; removal of warts.

People talk about homeopathic treatment that is quite effective. It would be a good idea to visit a homeopath for his advice and treatment.

I have heard that homeopathic treatment is effective on some particular types of warts. The most common warts that look like projected or protruded moles of black or brown color are unlikely to be treated effectively by homeopathic treatment too. I have not heard of any other medical treatment that can remove warts.

Nevertheless, I had witnessed a wart removal cosmetic surgery in Gwalior, India, a few months back. I hope after reading this you might go for a cosmetic surgery.

Following is a detailed description of the entire case:

Patients: one each – a male and a female; both 50+ in age; no other complications.

Ailments: Warts all around neck area; round and protruding out of skin; color- skin-color and dark brown; bigger and more protruded ones were soft and in singles; smaller and less protruded ones were hard and in clusters.

Cosmetic surgery:

Surgeon applied anesthetic ointment and sealed each mole or wart with dressing tape and asked to wait for 45 minutes for the medicine to act.

After 45 minutes the surgeon removed the moles or warts by cutting each one of them with special scissors type of tools, one at a time and within a fraction of second treating each operated portion with an electric probe (not a LASER tool).

The probe appeared to have done two jobs- firstly trimming the tissues smooth and secondly closing the openings of nerve-ends to stop bleeding before shedding a single drop, thereby leaving the operated portion clean and dry.

The application of this probe ensures ‘no-scar’ results.

Currently these types of probes are widely used for this purpose world-over...
Patient feels no pain except a feeble prick...

Surgeon applied antibiotic ointment on the operated portion and prescribed 6day course antibiotic capsules or coated tablets and an ointment.

After 6 days the patients had a smooth wart free scar-less skin… If you have bigger warts the recovery time might be a bit more. Yet, all other conditions would be the same.

Expenses: I saw a good crowd of middle-class patients in the clinic; hence I think it to be affordable for most of us.

Wish you a smooth, wart free, scar-less skin

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 - Harish Jharia



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