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10 July 2009

How to Make Ourselves Organized (Surroundings)

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Organize our surroundings:

We wakeup in the morning in our bedroom, hence, let our mission ‘organized life’ begin from our bedroom. Very few of us find their bed in a good condition, as the bed-sheet, coversheet and pillows get crimpled and disturbed from their right place. Our first action should be rearranging our bed and various items on it and bring them in a presentable condition. By presentable I mean presentable to you and not for the visitors to our bedroom. Because, a well arranged and beautifully done-up bed will become an element of your bedroom that will eventually help in maintaining pleasant feeling in our mind.

The next place is our bathroom where we spend a good period of time immediately after waking up and carrying the post sleep drowsiness allover our body. We need a neat and clean, dry, well arranged and ventilated rest room for going through our morning routines.

I usually say that our bathroom / restroom should be so very clean and ventilated that you can even carry along your bed-tea to this place.

Before I go for another area for our discussion I must remind the readers that modernized people pickup habits of carrying newspapers or magazines to the bathroom for on-commode reading. This habit has come from the US where a bunch of reading material is kept in the restrooms for on-commode reading.

I do not consider it right as it is always good to be on the commode for as less time as possible. Prolonged sittings and enforced excretion usually lead to some serious complications that can be better discussed in medical / health forums.

Our working table, shelves and cupboards should be arranged with properly stacked and beautifully places items, accessories, books, showpieces and utilities. There are few simple ways to arrange things in a proper way.

For stacking items ‘one above the other’- just keep in your mind to keep the heavier and larger item down and the lighter and smaller ones on top of that.
For arranging items ‘one in front of the other’- just keep the larger ones at back and the smaller ones in front.

Books are usually arranged in shelves / racks in ‘left to right’ order. Arrange your books keeping the larger ones on the left and right sides and the smaller ones towards the middle. Eventually the smallest book will be in the middle and the largest ones will be shared by the left and the right ends.

It is believed that any family’s level of sophistication can be gauged by having a look at their kitchen. Our kitchen should be neat and clean, well arranged and ventilated.

There are some families who leave their dining room and kitchen without cleaning and rearranging them. Soiled crockery and serving bowls are left on the dining table with smelling leftovers in them. We should remember that freshly cooked food spreads appetizing aroma and on the other the leftovers of the same food stinks bad.

We should not go to bed unless we remove the used dishes from the dining table and leave the dining room absolutely clean. Likewise, the used utensils either should be cleaned or at least stored in a covered big container. Subsequently the kitchen should also be properly cleaned and rearranged before going to bed.

Your living room / drawing room is the face of your house. Any new entrant to your house will have your first impression out of the layout, color scheme, furniture and their location / arrangement and beautification accessories / elements like indoor plants, showpieces and wall hangings. The configuration of your living room reflects your taste, nature, temperament and civic sense.
  1. A thorough clear passages for moving across the living room and inside around should be ensured.
  2. Approach to the sitting area of your couches and sofas should be kept clear.
  3. The most beautiful and expensive item that you would like the visitor to look at, should be placed at the most prominent place so that the entrant encounter it right on his arrival.
  4. Daily dusting / cleaning and arranging the drawing room should be ensured.
  5. The carpets should be brushed daily.
  6. Indoor plants should be rotated on weekly basis exchanging them with other plants kept in semi-shaded balconies or corridors.
Balconies, sit-outs, verandas  lawns and gardens at the front of our houses and kitchen-gardens at the rear should also be carefully maintained, manicured, cleaned and updated on regular basis.

The basic guideline of “shorter at the front and taller at the back” should be followed for growing plants and bushes in garden-soil or in flowerpots.

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