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10 July 2009

Stammering हकलाहट: How to Get Rid of Stammering All By Yourself

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Stammering हकलाहट is a common psychological problem that affects those people who face intense emotional pressure or emotional torture in their childhood or later on. This can be rooted out with firm determination, precautions, practice and a killer instinct.

You might be having a habit of speaking fast… just to finish your speech before you start stammering… you always attempt to speak out as early as possible so that the people out there may not come to know that you stammer…

For this, you must remember that others have plenty of time to listen at you. You have plenty of time to think as to what to speak, pass-on your message in your own way and style. Hence, do not make haste while speaking to anybody. Take your own time. Break your sentence for proper expression and use your hands for gesturing while you speak. Remember that you should not wind your hands while speaking.

You might have seen that whenever you sing in bathroom you just do not stammer. It is because while singing the words come out in a rhythm on their own in a definite sequence. You do not make any efforts to pronounce them. Similarly, you feel it easy while reading a book loudly in a lonely place. It is because you do not get overcautious and conscious about your speech and about your difficulty in speech. You must remember that the problem is ‘your being cautious’ and ‘your being conscious’.

As such while speaking in public remember the following:

  1. Do not be cautious or conscious while speaking
  2. Be a bit careless
  3. have an attitude likes “I don’t care”
  4. Be patient and take your own time to speak the first word
  5. Speak by braking sentences
  6. The person on the other side will be having enough time to listen at you
  7. Speak loudly and slowly
  8. Stammering will go successively with the passage of time
  9. The speech phobia will take some time to go and will definitely go
  10. Have your self-confidence intact
  11. Develop a killer instinct to root out this common problem all by yourself.

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